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The Sims Play Edition(Mod)
The Sims Play Edition(Mod)_playmods.net
The Sims Play Edition(Mod)
The Sims Play Edition(Mod) MOD Info MOD Info :
55 full level + VIP 15 + all items and clothing + hair style + furniture + material package + exquisite large temple 2.1 billion simulation coins + 2.1 billion life points + 2.1 billion social points.
The first time you enter the game, you need to download data from the Internet, please be patient.
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The Sims Play Edition(Mod)_playmods.net
The Sims Play Edition(Mod)_playmods.net
The Sims Play Edition(Mod)_playmods.net
The Sims Play Edition(Mod)_playmods.net
The description of The Sims Play Edition(Mod)
"The Sims FreePlay" Live freely! Travel freely! Created by the original team who developed the best-selling game-The Sims 3 mobile phone series, it allows you to enjoy the fun of Sims for free on the Android platform.
** Use Valentine's Day gifts to polish the sparks of love with simulated characters-now available! **

Start free games! Create up to 16 simulation characters customized from head to toe, and you can...
• Design your ideal home, or let your simulated character live in a fully equipped house
• Take care of pets, take care of the garden, and even bake fragrant cakes
• Develop a career for your simulated character and earn simulated coins to improve life
• Achieve various goals to earn Lifestyle points, which can be used to redeem trendy items
• Real-time synchronization with your simulated character (whether you are in the day or night, the simulated character will always be at the same time as you)
…And even more incredible: the game is free!
All simulations are possible
Will your sims become friends or enemies? Whether it's slapped, high-five, or "hey", you can build rich interpersonal relationships! Let your town become noisy because of the opening of pet shops, car shops, and supermarkets. Create more simulated characters, and your city will develop more and more prosperous.
Free and unrestrained! Sims, simulations have unlimited possibilities!
The Sims Play Edition(Mod) 5.63.0 Update
new function
Susu! From bright patterns to eye-catching animal prints, our new minimalist aesthetics will enhance your lifestyle of simulating citizens with the fashion style of "more is more". In our latest update, enjoy:
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with our free decorative bag!
When your simulated citizens' motivation is low, they no longer "stay at home"!
Get rewards from our "Minimalism" themed activities, including luxury decoration, clothing and construction items!
Additional Information
Category: Simulation
Requirements:Android 5.0+
Publish Date: 07/09/2021
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