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Tennis Go World Tour 3D(AD Remove-Free Rewards)
Tennis Go World Tour 3D(AD Remove-Free Rewards)

Tennis Go World Tour 3D(AD Remove-Free Rewards) Mod Apk v0.8.1 | score
App Name: Tennis Go World Tour 3D(AD Remove-Free Rewards)
Version: 0.8.1
Tennis Go World Tour 3D(AD Remove-Free Rewards) MOD Info MOD Info :
AD Remove-Free Rewards
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Tennis Go World Tour 3D(AD Remove-Free Rewards)
Tennis Go World Tour 3D(AD Remove-Free Rewards)
Tennis Go World Tour 3D(AD Remove-Free Rewards)
Tennis Go World Tour 3D(AD Remove-Free Rewards)
Tennis Go World Tour 3D(AD Remove-Free Rewards)
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The description of Tennis Go World Tour 3D(AD Remove-Free Rewards)
🔴Congratulations! You have discovered a brand new dynamic hit RTS game! If you like competitive games, also like relaxing casual games, then you must not miss this 2021 super-loved game!
🟠This sports game adopts the high-definition 3D picture quality, perfectly restores the ultra-real tennis arena. No matter when and where you can be immersed in the excitement and wonderfulness of the 3D tennis court!
🟡The gameplay of this strategy game is simple and intuitive, easy to learn but full of skill. According to different levels, there are different difficulty modes and detailed tutorials, so that you can experience the joy of tennis competition while lying down!
🟢A character upgrade system similar to RPG, strive to improve your battle skills, unlock high-level tournaments, and have the opportunity to start an instance mission of the tennis champion’s journey!
🔵Participate in tournaments around the world and become famous in a new fast-paced small venue competition! Train your players, form your dream league, and participate in team battles to win your exclusive glory!
🟣There are also so many special events and various ways to play, allowing you to enjoy unique free tennis games!
What are you waiting for? Download and experience it now❣️
Game features:
● PVP single player/multiplayer mode, team up with your peers to defeat your opponents!
● Participate in the World Tour and receive rewards on the world leaderboard!
● Manage your tennis club and get rich income!
● Improve the level of the tournament to start the dungeon king's journey event!
● The fun-filled gold coin craze challenge will give you a different thrill of fighting!
● Daily and weekly Super League, defeat the strongest opponent and become the king of tennis!
● Perfect friend interaction system, become friends with like-minded players all over the world
● Lively and novel chat emoticons, you can express emotions at any time during the game
● Customize character costume characters according to your preferences
🎾This is online fighting games suitable for playing with family and friends! PVP player battles, double battles, friend battles, 1v1 real-time matches with players from all over the world. Although it is a virtual tennis game, we have the most realistic visual and sound effects, and the audience's shouting cheer, allowing you to enjoy an unparalleled immersive experience! Come join us!
📣Tennis Go is convening tennis masters around the world, don’t hesitate, it’s you! Download now and invite your Facebook friends to play, use your tennis talent, win games, accumulate trophies, and collect more equipment!
If you like table tennis(ping pong), football(soccer), basketball, baseball, badminton, volleyball, then this sports simulation game will definitely be your favorite!
This best iPad game is a turn-based battle with a third-person perspective. Players perform role-playing and compete in real-time on the tennis court to compete against the enemy. The excitement of FPS is real, the operation feel of MOBA, there are many card characters for you to choose! Come and join the Tennis Go: World Tour 3D!
Follow us, know more events in advance, and surprise benefits waiting for you to receive!
——Uploaded by the user
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Tennis Go World Tour 3D(AD Remove-Free Rewards) 0.8.1 Update
Tennis GO: World Tour 3D! Major update!
* We fixed the bug that stuck in loading after winning the battle.

Looking forward to this update to bring you a better experience!
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Additional Information

Category: Sports
Publisher:  MAFT Wireless
Requirements:  Android:5.0+
Publish Date:  28/10/2020
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Creation time: 08/10/2022
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