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Games > 
Miga Town: My Fire Station Unlock all maps
Miga Town: My Fire Station(Unlock all maps)

Miga Town: My Fire Station Mod Apk v1.4  (Unlock all maps) | score
App Name: Miga Town: My Fire Station
Version: 1.4
Miga Town: My Fire Station MOD Info MOD Info :
Unlock all maps
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Magic Translation
Excellent 3D sandbox game
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Miga Town: My Fire Station(Unlock all maps) screenshot image
Miga Town: My Fire Station(Unlock all maps) screenshot image
Miga Town: My Fire Station(Unlock all maps) screenshot image
Miga Town: My Fire Station(Unlock all maps) screenshot image
Miga Town: My Fire Station(Unlock all maps) screenshot image
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The description of Miga Town: My Fire Station Unlock all maps

Introduction of Miga Town: My Fire Station Mod Apk

Miga Town: My Fire Station Mod Apk is the version with all maps unlocked. This great educational game helps kids learn about the world and adults relax. As a firefighter, you will provide the most timely help to the people of the city. You'll bravely dash into burning buildings, clear obstacles with the right tools, and put out the fire. Check out the city's surveillance system at the fire station to see what's going on everywhere, then bravely fight for people.

Map of Miga Town: My Fire Station Mod Apk

Miga Town: My Fire Station Mod Apk shows the scene of the fire brigade in Miga town, and every part of it is very interesting. Although some maps require payment to unlock, we have solved this problem for you, please enjoy the game content.

Dormitories: Firefighters rest in these areas, but are also always alert for any emergency.

Training Ground: Here firefighters are trained together to better perform their tasks, or fire dogs are trained to help during rescue missions.

Command Center: Firefighters observe the latest situation in the city here and issue commands if necessary.

Top Floor: Here are four rooms of various styles where you can express your various interests.

Main Street: Have fun on the street, it's a good idea to grab a coffee or buy flowers at the florist; you can clear the block yourself or notify the firefighters that they have something to do somewhere on the street.

Features of Miga Town: My Fire Station Mod Apk

In Miga Town: My Fire Station Mod Apk, you can roleplay in 6 different locations, play as a firefighter or a doctor, or even someone of other professions. At the fire scene, you will clear the falling obstacles and put out the fire. More hidden secrets are waiting for you to discover.

If you also like games like this, we recommend you to play My City : University Mod Apk.

——Uploaded by the user
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Miga Town: My Fire Station Unlock all maps 1.4 Update
We fixed some bugs and improve something.
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Additional Information

Category: Education
Publisher:  XiHe Digital (GuangZhou) Technology Co., Ltd.
Requirements:  Android 5.0+
Publish Date:  02/11/2022
Get It On:  google play |


Small Capacity

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Creation time: 08/10/2022
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