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Games > 
Mouse and Cat: Mouse Hunter
Mouse and Cat: Mouse

Mouse and Cat: Mouse Hunter Apk v1.2 | score
App Name: Mouse and Cat: Mouse Hunter
Version: 1.2
Updated on  Tue Mar 21 00:13:24 CST 2023
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Mouse and Cat: Mouse
Mouse and Cat: Mouse
Mouse and Cat: Mouse
Mouse and Cat: Mouse
Mouse and Cat: Mouse
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The description of Mouse and Cat: Mouse Hunter

Do you have interested in a Mouse trap and want to full control of animals then you are at the perfect place. Mouse and Cat: Mouse Hunter is one of the top animal shelter simulators you ever play on play store. You get full control of Rat in the mouse game. The smooth and Challenging gameplay of Cat Mouse will increase your interest level and fun in the mouse game.

Rat vs Cat gives us Two awesome environments including the Hunter house environment and Forest environment in the hungry mouse game. Hungry Mouse will play as a Hero in the Mouse simulator and you are the player having full control of that rat. Mouse simulator is a top-level animal family game Where you will play with cat vs mouse.

Cat Mouse game in which you have full control of mice. In a cat vs mouse jungle environment, mice collect many things necessary for their life. Mouse collects food and water in the jungle, eats carrots and insects, and saves himself from the cat and other hunters in the cat and mouse game. Mouse hunters use many techniques to trap a rat. Humans and pets are dangerous to rat life.

Do you love animal simulators? Feel you trap the mouse in the mice simulator game which is based on the super mouse survival simulator missions in the jungle. A huge and dangerous jungle is waiting to be explored in the mice game. Running mouse freely, The lion and mouse fight, and the cat and mouse run in the cat and mouse game. a crazy mouse is a hero in the jungle simulator game.

Cat vs Rat is an amazing simulator game for animal lovers. Your little mouse cave, Huge Forest, and Cottage in a rat trap game. Live in your secluded rat hole in the forest or the cottage. In the cottage, the king mouse simulator will have to show all your agility, climb the fabric surface and jump from shelf to shelf on the way to the necessary object in the simulator game. Control the crazy mouse game in all its fury and help the crazy mouse runner stay alive.

Mouse simulator is a family game including different easy and difficult tasks performed by animal simulator player, the Completed task with full control of the mouse in giving time by playing of rat simulator game. Find out the proper shelter for a house of mice. In the first step house of mice is necessary for the rat. Madhouse is best for the rat. In the House module, the first step follows some path and eat some food like fruits from a house in the animal life game, save them self from hunter and their pet like cat and dog in the cat and mouse game, Next Breaks House Items like Plates, Cups, etc. in hunter house with full control of crazy Mouse in cat and mouse game, Next Collect Many items from the house and save from mouse hunter in mouse game.

Mouse and Cat: Mouse Hunter Features:

* Smooth gameplay Having full control of the mouse in the Mouse Simulator.
* Realistic animals in the Mice simulator game.
* Mouse Struggles for their survival in the jungle as well as in House.
* Easy gameplay and HD graphics.

——Uploaded by the user
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Mouse and Cat: Mouse Hunter 1.2 Update
Updated on Tue Mar 21 00:13:24 CST 2023
Bug Fixes
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Additional Information

Category: Adventure
Publisher:  Virtual Fun Games
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  Tue Mar 21 00:13:24 CST 2023

History Versions

Mouse and Cat: Mouse Hunter v1.2 Apk
Mouse and Cat: Mouse Hunter v1.1 Apk

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