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Games > 
Mahjong Quest The Storyteller
Mahjong Quest The

Mahjong Quest The Storyteller Apk v1.0.83 | score
App Name: Mahjong Quest The Storyteller
Version: 1.0.83
Updated on  Sun Apr 23 23:59:26 CST 2023
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Mahjong Quest The
Mahjong Quest The
Mahjong Quest The
Mahjong Quest The
Mahjong Quest The
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The description of Mahjong Quest The Storyteller
Embark on a Mahjong Quest to discover a world full of surprise and beautiful story artwork! Advance across a map and explore a mysterious world of magical fairytales, such as Cinderella and Thumbelina.

How To Play
To play, Match tiles to clear the board. Improve your strategy to unlock tiles faster and beat your high scores.


UNLOCK new levels, COLLECT amazing treasure, and SPIN prize wheels for bonus coins!
These awesome daily tasks are here to help you earn TONS of coins. Collect items and craft objects and sell them for gold! Match to collect items and unlock prizes in hidden treasure chests!

180 handcrafted backgrounds and 360 AMAZING levels including normal + expert challenges!
Stay busy for hours as you navigate all of the Mahjong challenges and adventures! Take it slow with a normal level, or upgrade with coins to really challenge yourself. Replay for high scores and see how much you improve after every round of Mahjong. Earn three gold stars on every level and all of your friends will be calling you the Mahjong master!

NEW!! Now unlock even MORE BONUS LEVELS!
For every expert level you unlock enter a new red sphere of some seriously awesome bonus levels to master! All of these awesome bonus levels make this one of the most coveted free Mahjong games on google play!

DOWNLOAD all of stunning Storyteller artwork you want!
You heard that right! Master a level and keep each beautiful scene as a reward to use as a phone background and more!

------Sync progress with facebook. No wifi or internet access needed to play ------


Land 1 - The Story Begins
You have the chance to revisit all those fairy tales and beautiful stories that have shaped your childhood. Whatever you do, don’t stop until the storyteller finishes her storytelling sessions! You don’t want to miss any part of these classic fairy tales and princess stories.

Land 2 - Thumbelina
Look at the world through a smaller point of view. Follow the story of Thumbelina and her flower-fairy Prince! Watch the flower fairies travel across majestic landscapes through the seasons as the build a new life together. The two lovebirds love spending time in the summer flowers, autumn woods, and miniature homes.

Land 3 - Enter the land of make-believe
Explore a new set of fantasy landscapes. Encounter all things magical and mystical, from unicorns to fairies, and from wizards to leprechauns.

Land 4 - Cinderella's Adventure
Cinderella is one of the most classic storytale adventures of a young woman fighting for her own independence. She is able to escape the terror of her evil stepmothers, with a little help from magic, and sneak away for an evening ball.

Land 5 - Candy Land
Walk through a sweet candy cane forest! This Candy Land is made up of all of the visions of your favorite childhood game. Pass through the gingerbread plum trees, through peppermint forest, by the peanut brittle house, pass the lollipop woods, swim through the ice cream sea, and revel at the gumdrop mountains!

Land 6 - Magical Adventures
What mischief and wonder will you find in the Land of Magical Adventures? It’s all top secret and only the best Mahjong players make it this far into the game! Keep playing to see what all of the talk is about.

Land 7 - Kindgom of Dreams
Explore the mystery of the Kingdom of Dreams! All of the crazy happenings that you thought only existed in your dreams come to life in this exotic alternate reality!

Land 8 - Daydreams
Relax and find yourself lost in the magical land of daydreams. Next thing you know you’ll be swinging in a hammock between tropical trees talking to your best friend - an armadillo! Anything can happen in your own land of daydreams.

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Mahjong Quest The Storyteller 1.0.83 Update
Updated on Sun Apr 23 23:59:26 CST 2023
5 All NEW upgradable buildings and bonus levels! ----Other Recent Updates---- HUGE UPDATE! Added 200 levels spread over 10 new lands. Now with 1000 total levels. New Mixed Match Mode Bonus Levels New Bonus Treasures New 3rd and 4th jigsaw puzzle to complete! New Match 5 Dungeons! Over 6000 bonus levels with various ways to play! *Access these from the RED, BLUE, YELLOW and GREEN SPHERES.
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Additional Information

Category: Board
Publisher:  Difference Games LLC
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  Sun Apr 23 23:59:26 CST 2023


Single player
Pair matching

History Versions

Mahjong Quest The Storyteller v1.0.83 Apk
Mahjong Quest The Storyteller v1.0.82 Apk
Mahjong Quest The Storyteller v1.0.81 Apk
Mahjong Quest The Storyteller v1.0.80 Apk

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