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Games > 
Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes Mod Menu
Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes(Mod Menu)

Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes Mod Apk v0.2.1  (Mod Menu) | score
App Name: Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes
Version: 0.2.1
Updated on  Thu Feb 16 11:26:36 CST 2023
Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes MOD Info MOD Info :
Mod Menu:
1. Inexhaustible gold coins.
2. Inexhaustible keys
3. All characters are available and at full level
4. The skateboard will not be damaged (this function will not take effect until the skateboard ability is enabled)
5. Can keep jumping
6. The highest score is multiplied by 30 times

1. Due to official reasons, after running a round with a very high score, the click on the main interface may freeze. You can try to exit the game and kill the game process, and then re-enter the game to play normally.
2. Before entering the game, you must first give the game storage permission.
3. Due to the official reasons of the game, some models may not be able to be installed. If the installation and activation crashes, please try again
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Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes(Mod Menu) screenshot image
Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes(Mod Menu) screenshot image
Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes(Mod Menu) screenshot image
Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes(Mod Menu) screenshot image
Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes(Mod Menu) screenshot image
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The description of Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes Mod Menu

Subway Surfers Hoverboard Heroes Mod APK is a brand-new version of Subway Surfers. The game has modified the original character skins, skateboard rewards, and map participation methods. Bring players a new parkour-themed gameplay and experience, so that everyone can participate in it in a more perfect way. This game will retain the current game progress after exiting the game offline, and there will be no loss of game data. Not only that, but PlayMods has also prepared a new cracked version of this game for players. The characters controlled by players are invincible. Come and try how many points you can achieve!

How to Download the New Hacked Version of Subway Surfers Hoverboard Heroes

Click the download link provided by PlayMods to download the latest cracked version, which has a wealth of cracked content waiting for players to experience: Subway Surfers Hoverboard Heroes Mod APK

Cracked Content

1. Unlock all existing characters, and all characters are at full level

2. Unlimited Key

3. Unlimited gold coins

4. The highest score is X30

5. Unlimited score

6. Unlimited jumping * There is no limit, players can even jump to the highest sky

7. Unlimited skateboards with invincible effect * To obtain an invincible skateboard, the player needs to obtain a skateboard first to give the skateboard an invincible effect

Subway Surfers Hoverboard Heroes Mod Apk Highlights

1. All characters and skateboards are unlocked in this game, players can freely choose their favorite characters and skateboards to play

2. Charming scenery, unlimited jumps can reach the highest altitude overlooking the entire parkour city

3. Unlock the hoverboard to get the invincible effect

4. Open the option in the floating window to get a lot of gold coins and keys

5. Players who successfully pass the level can quickly enter the new level mode and get rich rewards

If you like Subway Surfers Hoverboard Heroes Mod APK, then you must not miss Subway Surfers Mod Apk (Map switch menu)

Search playmods for more mod games

——Uploaded by the user
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Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes Mod Menu 0.2.1 Update
Updated on Thu Feb 16 11:26:36 CST 2023
bug fixed
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Additional Information

Category: Casual
Publisher:  Boom-808
Requirements:  Android 8.0+
Publish Date:  Thu Feb 16 11:26:36 CST 2023
Get It On:  google play |



Articles About Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes

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All characters unlocked
role full level
Unlimited coins
infinite key
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Unlimited Money
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Original Apk

History Versions

Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes v0.2.1 Mod Apk
Subway Surfers-Hoverboard Heroes v0.2.0 Mod Apk

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Creation time: 08/10/2022
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