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Games > 
Horse Racing Game: Horse Games
Horse Racing Game: Horse

Horse Racing Game: Horse Games Apk v4.29 | score
App Name: Horse Racing Game: Horse Games
Version: 4.29
Updated on  Sat May 27 05:17:18 CST 2023
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Horse Racing Game: Horse
Horse Racing Game: Horse
Horse Racing Game: Horse
Horse Racing Game: Horse
Horse Racing Game: Horse
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The description of Horse Racing Game: Horse Games
Are you a big fan of horse racing or horse games. Did you ever thought of becoming a jockey racer, then join the real world of horse racing games, ride and accept the challenge against other world top horse trainers and jockey.

Find a horse from the top horse games of store that best suit you, then get services of the best jockey available and compete in a variety of races from a local derby all the way up to winning the quests! Horse racing championship belong to the ultimate horse game racing pro keen to make a name for himself in horse racing games derby. This game has the best animations, mind blowing graphics, addictive game play and intense competition. So get ready to be a horse game manager or live the life of a jockey in this championship.

So the time is right for another Horse Racing championship 2018! Compete against the best equestrian in the world. Break into a gallop and face all kinds of obstacles to win! The immersive 3D environment really sets the stage. Choose your favourite horse game trainer and race to the victory in the ultimate challenges. Play for pride, but don’t let it “run” away from you and prevent you from winning within the allotted time. At the same time while horse riding, balance your horse’s stamina with the speed! Jump over hurdles to cross the finishing line first. In this horse game you can earn cash and use the cash to buy better horses. If you have the skill of horse breeding, then you can upgrade horse abilities and other accessories to win this battle and become the world equestrian of horse games.

This horse riding game championship starts with a slower running of the horses. Tap/touch the left button to increase the horse speed. There are many hurdles come in way and you have to cross these hurdles so efficiently. You must control your horse speed and look ahead upcoming hurdles. You must care that your horse does not touch the crossing hurdle barrier and landing smoothly. You must continue this practice till to complete your level successfully and be a champion of horse games.

As the game pass on it allows you to move ahead and being a horse manager, you need to purchase new and better horses. You can’t win through all racing challenges with a single horse riding game. As a horse game manager, visit the horse breeding stables and get a new horse from a variety of horses and get on the racing tracks. Dodge your opponents, jump over obstacles, and gallop your way to victory. Horse riding games are full of fun with multiple stallions and several race tracks. The quicker you finish the race, higher the points you win. You can enter different horse game events and enjoy the 3d immersive environment with realistic sound effects and opponents massive intelligence.

. Different stunning 3D horse game riding tracks
• Amazing horse races And Opponents challenges
• Smooth Touch And Tilt Controls to control your horse
• Mind blowing 3D Graphics & Sound Effects
• Beautiful 3D animated horses
• Different sprint and jumping modes
——Uploaded by the user
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Horse Racing Game: Horse Games 4.29 Update
Updated on Sat May 27 05:17:18 CST 2023
- Gameplay optimised
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Additional Information

Category: Strategy
Publisher:  Funright Productions
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  Sat May 27 05:17:18 CST 2023
Get It On:  google play |

Other Mod Apk

Enter the game to give a lot of money
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History Versions

Horse Racing Game: Horse Games v4.29 Apk
Horse Racing Game: Horse Games v4.28 Apk
Horse Racing Game: Horse Games v4.27 Apk

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Creation time: 08/10/2022
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