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Games > 
Role Playing
Cute unicorn pony care
Cute unicorn pony

Cute unicorn pony care Apk v9.0 | score
App Name: Cute unicorn pony care
Version: 9.0
Updated on  Sun Mar 19 13:11:49 CST 2023
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Cute unicorn pony
Cute unicorn pony
Cute unicorn pony
Cute unicorn pony
Cute unicorn pony
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The description of Cute unicorn pony care
Are you fond of UNICORNS like us?
Do you dream of a little cute pony as a pet?
If yes,than this is the perfect destination for your dream!

We have come up with cute unicorn pony care game to rejoice your likings for this cute little pet!
Make magic happening! You will play as a nanny of an adorable pet in this amazing Unicorn pony care Game.
Looking after a pet is not an easy task as it needs more than just your attention. You will have to bathe, dress up, style its hair, and feed your pet unicorn pony in this pet care game.
Numerous activities of the little unicorn care will be learnt by you in this little daycare nursery pet care.
🦄Bubble shooter game is the gem on the crown here.It's quite relaxing and soothing with lots of eye catching colorful bubbles in it!
🦄Ever made unicorn theme jewellery? No? Ok than,here, you are going to get that chance in our jewellery making section. Decorate different varieties of jewellery with precious colourful gems of various shapes.
🦄In unicorn dress up department,You can also decide what color outfit you want her to wear and style her hair in a variety of hairstyles available for you. Dress up your sweet and cute unicorn in amazing outfits of your choice.
🦄 In food making part,you will get chance to prepare yummy rainbow cakes & sprinkle glitter topping for your cute little pony.
🦄Clean and decorate pony's cute house and give the pet a comfortable atmosphere to live in!
🦄Unicorn care section will provide you with lots of activities of how to take care a little pet animal!After a good playing session,your little pet has become dirty and has lots of wounds and cuts while play. Cure it with bandages and antiseptic creams.Don't forget to check it's temperature and than give her injection and medicines according it!Use eye drops for red eyes,clean ear with ear buds and pop the bacteria from it's tail to keep it hygenic.
🦄Play the unicorn puzzle game with beautiful pictures of pony & make your adorable little unicorn pony very happy.
We have created the best re-arrange picture puzzle game with beautiful unicorns!
🦄 Color by number 🌈 is a stylish art that will bring you to the world of intriguing coloring. You will find fascinating drawing games inside the app. Colour by numbers Unicorn is perfect for adults.
🦄In hairdo design section,
you can choose from various beautiful variety of colorful themetic hair accesories for your little pony !you can even choose the hair color for her. Make her look funky and cool by choosing the pink color or go for natural hair in this little unicorn pony care game!
🦄Pop It Unicorn Antistress Fidget Relaxing Game is a satisfying game with many shapes to pop it. If you like stress relief asmr games, satisfying relaxing games, anxiety relief popper games, this Unicorn Pop It Antistress is for you! You can pop it and push pop toys for enjoyment.
⭐Beautiful colourful and eye catching cool graphics!
⭐10 totally different varieties of games in one game to have fun with every new adventure!
⭐Dashing pictures of unicorn are used every sections!
⭐Free and easy to play along with guidance at every stage!
⭐Interesting gameplay and simple tasks to execute!
⭐Cheerful background music and cool interface
⭐Personalize his hairstyle and customize his look
⭐Becoming a designer and a caretaker too
⭐Get experience in the pet area
⭐Learn how to cook a proper meal for a pet unicorn
⭐Nurse the unicorn, feed him and dress him up
⭐ Learn about the use of variety of tools for health care and grooming of pet!
Welcome to the adventurous world of rainbows and sunshine!
Be the part of this most graceful animal's life in this unicorn cute pony care game!
Download,play,give feedback and have fun!
——Uploaded by the user
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Cute unicorn pony care 9.0 Update
Updated on Sun Mar 19 13:11:49 CST 2023
Minor Bug Fixes!
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Additional Information

Publisher:  AuraEffects
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  Sun Mar 19 13:11:49 CST 2023


Role Playing

History Versions

Cute unicorn pony care v9.0 Apk
Cute unicorn pony care v4.0 Apk

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Creation time: 08/10/2022
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