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Games > 
Cooking Max:fun cooking games
Cooking Max:fun cooking

Cooking Max:fun cooking games Mod Apk v3.4.4 | score
App Name: Cooking Max:fun cooking games
Version: 3.4.4
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Cooking Max:fun cooking
Cooking Max:fun cooking
Cooking Max:fun cooking
Cooking Max:fun cooking
Cooking Max:fun cooking
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The description of Cooking Max:fun cooking games

🍕 A brand new free & fun Restaurant Cooking Games and Chef games. In these offline crazy cooking games you feel madness and ultimate challenges by tap and serve cooking fever games. 🌶️ Enjoy the time in your own kitchen games with crazy fast tap and serve madness in worldwide famous city restaurants and increase you time management games skills and become cooking master. 🔥

🍩 Wanted to be a master chef? Well in this free time management games with crazy food games, you’ll bring your real madness to cook so write it down in your note/diary.

🍳 Cooking Max Free Food Cooking simulator game have restaurants of city in the magical map with 325+ levels and extras to unlock many places from different cooking cities around the world. So gill, bake and cook your way to the mad world of crazy cooking experience.

⏩ This is the best among the Food Cooking games for girls, kids and adults, so you have your own kitchen where your timer starts to scramble your way through fast tap and serve time management games and Chef games.

Among the food games this is offline and you can play without the internet. Start playing Restaurant games and MAX your cooking games skills now. In cooking restaurant game, show your cooking mama what you got by sharing your leaderboard score.

👨‍🍳 Cooking hot items you’ll be serving:
Muffins, Steak, Fish, Cake, baking,,Juices, and desserts, Seafood,
Sweets like donuts and cupcakes, hot-cakes
Fast food like burgers, pizza , sandwiches, and Mediterranean foods plus more.

🔥 What brings the fun kitchen games
Destination based cooking Explore new cities every 100 levels.
Combo and Tip Get extra 5x tips with combos
Events In this fun cooking games events happening worldwide like Christmas
Daily Rewards in this restaurant games on daily login so you have enough for each levels
Upgrade your restaurants items and serve faster
Offline cooking kitchen food cooking games for adults, girls 🌟 Boosts to bring more fun

Tasty levels to Master Chef
🏆Dash through hundreds of levels on each Food making games continent
In this fun cooking games Updated and get more new levels each one or two months
An amazing time management strategy cooking restaurant games for Android gamers

Kitchen Cooking skills test
👍 Cooking simulator and time-management techniques vary around a new restaurant games with upgrades
In offline Cooking games Each upgrade adds more delicious cuisines and more tips from customers 😘.
Scramble around cities to serve customers like Paris, Tokyo, NYC.

🎁 Special events and achievements
In this Restaurant games get more tips and special items on special days by completing challenges to achieve more to become a Master Chef.

Play the Madness Chef in Free cooking game like MASTER chef
This is our very special restaurant kitchen food games. We are adding more cities with each update in kitchen games so stay tuned. So let’s write your cooking home/diary with some delicious amazing cuisines from the best cities and places. Girls, kids and Adults will really enjoy it and will become the best cooking chef games expert.

If you have any query or suggestion don’t hesitate to reach out our support [email protected]

Follow us on Facebook: where we give regular updates about our special events and listen to your suggestions.

——Uploaded by the user
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Cooking Max:fun cooking games 3.4.4 Update
Bug Fixes
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Additional Information

Category: Arcade
Publisher:  Twizard Studios - Cooking Games
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  25/11/2022
PlayMods, Play More Fun!


Time management

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Creation time: 08/10/2022
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