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Games > 
Climb - Infinite Stairs arcade unlimited money
Climb - Infinite Stairs arcade(unlimited money)

Climb - Infinite Stairs arcade Mod Apk v1  (unlimited money) | score
App Name: Climb - Infinite Stairs arcade
Version: 1
Updated on  Thu Oct 13 01:27:46 CST 2022
Climb - Infinite Stairs arcade MOD Info MOD Info :
Enter the game to give a lot of money
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Climb - Infinite Stairs arcade(unlimited money) screenshot image
Climb - Infinite Stairs arcade(unlimited money) screenshot image
Climb - Infinite Stairs arcade(unlimited money) screenshot image
Climb - Infinite Stairs arcade(unlimited money) screenshot image
Climb - Infinite Stairs arcade(unlimited money) screenshot image
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The description of Climb - Infinite Stairs arcade unlimited money
A normal school trip, a day to spend all together 👩 🧑 👨 👩‍🦱 in a beautiful forest 🌲🌲🌲, when suddenly it gets dark 🌘 and a large chasm opens under their feet.
Everyone falls and horrible creatures 🧛🏾‍♂️capture all but one of the boys. 🧒🏾He will have to save them all.
Above him an infinite stairs to climb 🏃🏾. It will not be easy, traps are everywhere and you will have to look for the magical doors to enter the prisons where his companions are imprisoned.
An endless breathtaking ride up the stairs, climb, jump, run and fly, earn coins📀📀📀 and save friends trapped in the dungeons. His only chance is to fly with rockets because his friends jails are positioned on high platforms.
Enemies are there to stop him and if they were not enough there is their boss ready to destroy him for ever! This endless game play will make anyone feel like a real superhero🦸‍♂️ or a superwoman 🦸‍♀️!
This is a really addictive 😵😵😵 because in the same game you have 2 completely different game play. This is your best time killer game!
From start the player has to climb the stairs but he must move very quickly otherwise timer will end and he will die. Use the right button to move and the left button when it is time to turn. 😨😨😨Pay attention, some traps are randomly on his path, so use the central button to jump and avoid it. Find and catch shields defenders, they will protect you from traps but not from mistakes in turning or moving.
- just 3 controls: climb, turn and jump
- instead of the usual 2 buttons, now you a have a third option, the jump button, this is a great new feature in the genre
- 2 simple buttons
- left button to fly and move
- right button to fire against enemies
- boss has spiral fire dragons, so be really careful...
- rockets last only 10 seconds so try not to waste them
Before to start the infinite stairs challenge, you have to complete 10 main game levels. Every time you complete a level you have to enter a dungeon and save one of your friend, otherwise you won't be able to unlock the infinite stairs option.
When You enter in the dungeons You can use a rocket to fly around the levels, but it is plenty of ghosts and just one of them has the key to open the cage and save your friend. There is no way, you have to kill enemies in order to find the key.
Do you think running up endless ladder is easy? Jump and Climb it's a great challenge: unlimited stair never end! Let's see how far you can get! Tap the climb button to hop up and remember you have to turn on time or you will fall down! How high can you run? You must be a climber and a smart jumper at the same time! Remember the ladder is full of horrible monsters and creatures, in an old cemetery or in the dark of a dungeon, or in a Maya temple, or in a crypt, or ....why don't you ask for specific scenarios? The game is a rush, a tsunami for your fingers and eyes climbing to heaven. It will be your best choice among going up games.
Collect as much coins as possible to unlock other different scenarios and characters!
Smash your own record! How? There is only one way: go faster and faster, but don't forget: lot of traps and monsters are on the steps!

WHY YOU WILL LOVE "Climb! Infinite Stairs Game":
- Innovative game mechanics compared to similar games
- mini games included
- missions
- challenges
- nice graphics
- simple user interface
- intuitive controls
- endless steps, the sky is the limit
- different scenarios
In the infinite mode the main game changes with a new feature. Will you be able to manage the new JUMP option and set the new record? More new features in the road map, stay tuned!
The game contains some inapp purchases to unlock different scenarios, buy coins and rockets. There is also video rewarding to survive just once in a game play, otherwise it would be too simple! Share your best results on the official Leaderboard and try to dominate the general ranking too!
——Uploaded by the user
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Climb - Infinite Stairs arcade unlimited money 1 Update
Updated on Thu Oct 13 01:27:46 CST 2022
Bug Fixes
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Additional Information

Category: Action
Publisher:  Unkonwn
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  Thu Oct 13 01:27:46 CST 2022

History Versions

Climb - Infinite Stairs arcade v1 Mod Apk

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Creation time: 08/10/2022
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