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Games > 
Ant Smash Hero War Action 3D
Ant Smash Hero War Action

Ant Smash Hero War Action 3D Apk v3 | score
App Name: Ant Smash Hero War Action 3D
Version: 3
Updated on  Mon Jul 31 06:20:10 CST 2023
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Ant Smash Hero War Action
Ant Smash Hero War Action
Ant Smash Hero War Action
Ant Smash Hero War Action
Ant Smash Hero War Action
The description of Ant Smash Hero War Action 3D
Go with light speed on rescue missions against real gangsters in the epic superhero game. Play the grand police ant hero speed hero city cop ant hero game and get ready for a superhero rescue mission. Be a speed ant hero superhero and go with super speed in the grand police superhero game. The attack speed of the ant hero should be beyond the measurements in the rescue simulator and light-speed hero game. People trust the grand ant hero superhero against the treacherous gangster mafia for super-speed rescue in superhero games. They really think that light-speed ant heros can save them from real gangsters with his light speed in the superhero game.
To enable new features, use modified objects: arrow and totem of immortality. An arrow is a miniature converter that reduces the size of your superhero ant while increasing its strength. Now as an ant you can run incredibly fast, jump, and also get immunity to fire. The totem of immortality is now a converter with which the size of the character ant instantly increases several times. A giant ant man can deal increased damage while becoming virtually invulnerable. But the speed of movement of such a giant drops markedly. These abilities can greatly help you in dangerous adventures and in battles.

Start your superhero adventure by crafting a real iron suit. Buy new parts and mighty Elemental Stones to unlock unique superpowers for a future fight in your iron suit. Create a collection of suits to your personal taste. Train your fighting skills in Endless Survival and Just don’t Die modes. It’s only this iron suit that will save you in epic battles! This game is suitable for both, boys and girls. It’s really a fantastic opportunity to become the flying hero you’ve always wanted to be. You are free to use any tool you have in a wide range of super abilities. Laser eyes will destroy your opponent in a heartbeat, and different combinations of super-powerful weapons will definitely help you fight endless troops of iron creatures. A special type of heavy damage will provide the destruction of criminals with a single blow. The epic battle will take place in the streets of the city, where the wrong choice may have fatal consequences for everybody. Imagine you are right there in action, punching bad guys, using all your super cool gun for rescuing innocents before the villains establish dominance in the military city!

Show the superhero league who you are. Your metal suit is your own business. Dozens of designs are here to reflect your personal taste and individuality in this iron man game. Show them what that style looks like! Every epic battle you’ve seen in the movies is nothing compared to what you are going to face in this iron man game! There are thousands of enemies deployed on Earth – you need all your fighting superhero skills to win the mass battles! Become the leader of Earth’s avengers!

Get ready for hero rescue as a super-speed ant hero in the police ant hero game. Superhero fighters are ready in powerful superhero fights in the cop ant hero speed hero game. Reveal speed ant hero adventures in a police game and have fun with an amazing superhero. A police speed hero ant hero is a superhuman designed for superhero games. Cop ant hero rescue simulator is a great way of city survival in light speed superhero game. The super ant hero rescue mission is going to take part in city rescue missions of the police game.
Just download this ant hero game to your Android smartphone and enjoy superhero games!
——Uploaded by the user
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Ant Smash Hero War Action 3D 3 Update
Updated on Mon Jul 31 06:20:10 CST 2023
Remove bugs Add new chr
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Additional Information

Category: Action
Publisher:  Ultimate Heros
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  Mon Jul 31 06:20:10 CST 2023
Get It On:  google play |

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Ant Smash Hero War Action 3D v3 Apk

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