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Games > 
Polgar: Magic Detective
Polgar: Magic

Polgar: Magic Detective Mod Apk v1.96 | score
App Name: Polgar: Magic Detective
Version: 1.96
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Polgar: Magic
Polgar: Magic
Polgar: Magic
Polgar: Magic
Polgar: Magic
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The description of Polgar: Magic Detective
Are you ready to solve these mysterious magical crimes without getting wrong? If you like magic and detective games watch out: This criminal case is very important. Embark on your mystery murder adventure and discover the hidden secrets behind Polgar's crime scenes

Investigate criminal cases. Pick up, find the clues, and solve the riddles at the scene of the crime
Make decisions and solve crime. Trust your criminal mastermind instinct while you are investigating unsolved crimes! This mystery objects finding game depends on you!
Objects, sounds, runes, mystic elements. A wide variety of mysteries and hidden objects⋅ enigmas full of fantasy are waiting for you in this great seek and find games style adventure
Discover the bestiary. Use logic in games hidden objects in order to find the right creature, but be careful, find clues and observe them to solve the crime thriller the first time

Polgar Magic Detective is a find hidden objects game and also a criminal case game created by illustrators and professional writers. Every detail and crime scene investigation is perfectly taken care of to envelop you in a mystery story full of intrigues and fantasy while you get the murder solved!

You will find this murder mystery game is one of the best hidden objects games with crime & investigation in which you will have to understand the criminal mind and put on investigations in every murder case following the games clue. Light torches to illuminate a grave with hidden figures, hear the mystrey and suspenseful sound coming from the forest or dive into a lost sea to find the hidden secret. Get the true crime solved

Try now one of the best hide and seek games available and solve mysteries as a famous detective like Sherlock Holmes! Take out your detective work skills finally, investigates and prove your understanding of the criminal minds, select the right games hidden object and investigate the murder scene checkin in your mystery case files

Criminal investigation detective game and magical game: Find clue in these detective stories with this awesome hidden objects game
Every crime case is independent: Find out each game hidden object and story mystery that hides each investigation crime
Extra content: Resolve all the hiden objects murder cases to find out the hide secret story
Enjoy the first criminalcase for free: The detectives world is getting closer to you to investigate crime with this hidden object game, also considered as a clues game
Suspense games in various languages: Try the mystery games in the language you prefer and select your main suspect!
More crime story and game updates: Discover the new crime cases! The crime solving games mysterium never sleeps!

If you are a fan of games with clues, hidden object games (also called find the hidden objects games) misterio games, riddle games, investigation games or solve mystery games; or you like very much a typical seek and find game, find objects game, clue game (or game with clues), murdermysterygame or a mystery puzzle game.. One of the best detective story enigma and mistery games ever made is right here for you!

The murdermysterygames are meant to be fun but not easy to get a solved crime investigation so if you are really a lover of clue games you know that for sure. Amazing finding objects game has it all for you to enjoy, so start investigating the suspects and find the hiddenobject you need to succeed

Are you ready to enjoy this find object game and start the mystery thriller adventure you've been always waiting for?
Solve the mystery crimes with the murder investigation as you do in finding object games

Which one of the prime suspects is the guilty one? Download Polgar Magic Detective now, start your crime mystery adventure, investigate crimes and all the murder mystery stories so you can become one of the best investigators ever borned... Hurry up! Find all the game clues because your first solved murder is waiting
——Uploaded by the user
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Polgar: Magic Detective 1.96 Update
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Additional Information

Category: Casual
Publisher:  Cooking and Publishing
Requirements:  Android 5.0+
Publish Date:  24/11/2021
Get It On:  google play |



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