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Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD)
Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD)

Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD) Mod Apk v8.2 | score
App Name: Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD)
Version: 8.2
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Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD)
Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD)
Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD)
Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD)
Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD)
Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD)
Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD)
Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD)
Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD)
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The description of Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD)
This is a game suitable for modern powerful smartphones!
We present you the long-awaited HD Reduced transmission!
The new online version of the RT series-not a simulator, but an off-road game
You have to transport goods on Soviet and European trucks, transport off-road vehicles in remote, hard-to-reach places, where there are almost no hard roads, only hard-to-reach forest trails dominate.
There are many modes in the game: walking uphill, rally, off-road off-road racing off-road, loot assault on off-road and many other competitive modes, you can compete with friends or play with strangers online!
In addition, for fans in simulator mode, delivery of goods in different off-road locations has different conditions! The large size of some maps in the game! You need to overcome shallows, swamps, mud, etc. If you don't like driving on the road-you can pave the road in the forest or in the mountains!
Exciting impassable races will not slow down to prohibitive speed; win receipts or deliveries-you have to put in a lot of effort.
In addition, you will improve the SUV to reach hard-to-reach places! It is necessary to improve the engine so that the wheels have good patency and protect the power frame or bumper, well, if you want to stand out, you can paint the car!
In the lower gear, the focus is on physics! Very realistic car behavior! You can choose to lock the differential, turn on all-wheel drive and lower gears, lower the wheels to improve contact points, which affects permeability and fuel consumption. Fuel supply is limited, and you need to replenish fuel in time based on your experience in the tank game. The achieved damage affects the behavior of the car...and many other functions!
Realistic deformable dirt is realized, and off-road vehicles can leave the track on the road on their own, making it difficult for the wheels to be buried in soft ground during subsequent trips.
• Realistic behavior of off-road vehicles on the track
• 10-player multiplayer game
•Ride day and night in any weather
• Delivery order
• Race Mode: Off-Road Race, Off-Road War, Rally Truck, Hill Climb, Truck Derby...
• Different cars from different countries
• Manual transmission
• Contains reduction gears, locking, lowering tires, etc...
The most legendary cars from Russia ZIL 130, Kamaz, Ural and Kraz I, as well as a large fleet of European models such as MAN, legendary PETERBILT 379, GMC M35, etc.! Cars and maps will be added to the update!
The map is very realistic! Trees, grass, and fog are also the dynamic system of day and night, the natural sound of day and night, the behavior of water and cars in the water
——Uploaded by the user
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Offroad online (Reduced Transmission HD 2019 RTHD) 8.2 Update
Bug Fixes
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Additional Information

Category: Simulation
Publisher:  WHWL
Requirements:  Android 5.0+
Publish Date:  05/01/2022
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Creation time: 08/10/2022
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