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Medieval survival world(mod)
Medieval survival world(mod)_playmods.net
Medieval survival world(mod)
Medieval survival world(mod) MOD Info MOD Info :
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Medieval survival world(mod)_playmods.net
Medieval survival world(mod)_playmods.net
Medieval survival world(mod)_playmods.net
Medieval survival world(mod)_playmods.net
The description of Medieval survival world(mod)
***Due to unknown reasons, on some Android devices, the application cannot load the Medieval World after installing the game. In this case, just restart your android device. From now on, the medieval landscape should load in less than 2 minutes****

Enter the dark and mysterious world of the Middle Ages. Survive as a powerful knight on a huge and detailed medieval map. Find food, treasures, objects and explore more secrets in dungeon forests and castles. Beware of bandit knights that may be against you. Enter into amazing battles to earn coins to buy new weapons, armor parts and medieval furniture. Get creative and build your own medieval castle residence! Finally, you can build your own knight amry.

Medieval survival game 3D overview:

-3d open world game
Very large and complex 3D terrain, full of different things such as castles, dungeons, forests, medieval villages and caves.

-Realistic medieval scenery with high-quality 3D graphics

-Survival game and medieval simulator
(Find food, fight with enemy knights and crafts)

Build mode:
-Build your own medieval residence or build a complete castle with walls and towers

-Fighting game: Fight epic battles with knights with the same equipment

-Earn coins by fighting other knights or crusaders

-Many weapons archive:
Sword, great sword, javelin, speer, bow, etc.

-Collect or buy other medieval items

-Collect resources such as wood or stones to make city walls

-Horse riding moves faster

-Dress up and protect your knight with armor or chain mail

-Third-person RPG perspective
Medieval survival world(mod) 1.4 Update
bug fixes
Additional Information
Category: Casual
Requirements:Android 5.0+
Publish Date: 14/12/2021
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