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Hunting Clash(aiming not shake)
Hunting Clash(aiming not shake)

Hunting Clash(aiming not shake) Mod Apk v3.3.0 | score
App Name: Hunting Clash(aiming not shake)
Version: 3.3.0
Hunting Clash(aiming not shake) MOD Info MOD Info :
The aiming lens will not shake, and the appearance of the accuracy ring has been accelerated (it appears on the animal, and if it is shot, it will have 100% accuracy).

Note: enter the game and click the settings in the upper right corner to switch to traditional Chinese

The application is uploaded by users, and insects only provide storage space services. If infringement is involved, please contact customer service, and we will deal with it at the first time
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Hunting Clash(aiming not shake)
Hunting Clash(aiming not shake)
Hunting Clash(aiming not shake)
Hunting Clash(aiming not shake)
Hunting Clash(aiming not shake)
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The description of Hunting Clash(aiming not shake)
The 2021 hunting season is in full swing! Dust off your gun, travel to hunting locations and observe animals in their natural habitat. Ready to hunt? Let’s play Hunting Clash - a next-generation hunting simulator & shooting game!
Breathtaking shooting areas
Visit impressive hunting locations: hunt in the woods of Montana, in the freezing forest of Kamchatka, embark on a hunting safari in Africa and many more! Stunning views and realistic animals like in no other hunting games! Feel the thrill of a big game hunter in the free hunting game like never before! It’s much more than other free sniper games online.
A sniper shooting game on your mobile
Track animals - deer, elk, grizzly bear, wolf, duck and many more. Choose an animal, prepare your gun, aim and shoot! Animal hunter games are a combination of hunting games online and sniper games genres. Master your sniper shooting skills and become a top gun hunter in a top hunting game!
Hunt or be hunted
Gun shooting is crucial for every hunter and sniper. But killing animals isn’t your only goal. There are tons of events to participate in every day! You have to show off your animals tracking, aiming and sniper skills like in the real sniper games online and hunting games! Hunt for specific wild animals like deer in locations in Africa, USA and Russia. Fulfill goals and level up your hunter game!
A weapon of your choice
A sniper rifle or a bow? Your call. Gun hunting is much more popular than bow hunting, but bow shooting still has admirers amongst old-fashioned hunters in gun games - especially on a deer hunt. Whether you prefer gun hunting or bow hunting, there are plenty of upgrades to choose. Enhance your shooting gear and shoot animals with deadly sniper precision of hunting game master.
Cross your guns
Who said sniper games are all about solo sport? Hunting games are much more exciting while playing with others! Go deer hunting in a 1v1 PvP duel and start a shooting battle with others. The call of the wild - it’s what drives you to the top of gun games leaderboards. Become a master of sniper games, get epic loot and show off who’s boss in this animal gun game.
Realistic hunting locations
Hunting simulator is not only about being a good sniper. To become a master of gun games and sniper games you have to pay attention to your surroundings. Otherwise you may not have a chance to shoot with your gun at all! Hunting Clash offers dozens of real nature based locations where hunters can blend in and wait for their prey. Travel across Australia, Burma, Norway, Poland and many more! Not all sniper games or hunting games can encourage hunters with such a variety of amazing hunting places. So grab your guns and prepare for a great sniper games adventure!
Get yourself a hunting dog!
Dog is a hunter’s best friend. Especially in hunting games because it’s you who’s doing a dirty animal killing job, but having a hunting dog is very helpful! Get one, train it and gain bonuses for specific hunting games. With such a trustworthy ally hunting a big game is a real pleasure
Join a Hunter Club!
Join forces with fellow hunters and together drive your Hunter Club to the top. Share gear and gun experience and fulfill Club’s goals. Whether you prefer to hunt solo or try your gun in a duel in PvP hunting games, gun shooting practice in Hunter Clubs is something for every hunter.
Graphics like in AAA sniper games
See the bear fur? Wolf pelts? A realistic deer? Hunting for animals like these is a real treat, especially in sniper games. It’s an AAA quality of hunting games!
Answer the call of the wild and unite with your gun to hunt animals like a big game hunter. Pick your guns, track animals, collect hunter gear, observe nature’s beauty and fight in sniper games. Look no further for other hunting games. Play Hunting Clash and feel the thrill no other free hunting games can provide! Download now for free and start your adventure with animal hunting games. Sniper games couldn't be better!
——Uploaded by the user
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Hunting Clash(aiming not shake) 3.3.0 Update
Bug Fixes
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Additional Information

Category: Sports
Publisher:  Ten Square Games
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  17/11/2022
Get It On:  google play |
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Creation time: 08/10/2022
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