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Redeem Code
Descenders Mod Apk All Clothes Free Download & New Codes

Descenders Mod Apk All Clothes Free Download & New Codes

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Descenders Mod Apk is a racing and free-riding game. In Descenders Mod Apk you can ride your bike through hills in chase and complete the race within a given time without falling. You can invite your friends to form a team, and you can play against other teams to win the game. It has various game modes. In it, you can explore the map and protect your character from mountain bombs to complete the track.

Descenders Mod Apk All Valid Codes

ADMIRALCREEP - Unlocks the AdmiralBulldog Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

DRAE - Unlocks Draegast Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

YEAHTHEBOYS - Unlock Jackhuddo Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

SPEEDISKEY - Unlock Jacksepticeye Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

MANFIST - Unlocks MANvsGAME Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

NLSS - Unlock the NLSS Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

SODAG - Unlock Sodapoppin Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

BUGGS - Unlocks the Bay Area Buggs Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

SOMETHINGRAD - Unlocks the Something Rad Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

SMILE - Unlocks the RockLeeSmile Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

CIVRYAN - Unlocks the CivRyan Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

TOASTY - Unlocks the Toasty Ghost Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

FUNHAUS - Unlocks the Funhaus Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

TABOR - Unlocks Sam Tabor Game Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

WARCHILD - Unlocks War Child Shorts and War Child Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

FIREKITTEN - Unlock the Firekitten Jersey Long Sleeve Shirt

MERRYCHRISTMAS - Unlocks Arboreal Christmas Jersey Long Sleeve Shirt, Enemy Christmas Jersey Long Sleeve Shirt, Kinetic Christmas Jersey Long Sleeve Shirt, and Descenders Christmas Jersey Long Sleeve Shirt

ICEFOXX - Unlocks CashCow Bell Item, Cashcow Jersey Long Sleeve Shirt, Cashcow Bike Item, Cashcow Pants, and CashCow Mask

TEAMRAZER - Unlock #TeamRazer Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt & #TeaRazer Shorts

SPOOPY - Unlocks Skull Pants and Skull Sweatshirt Long Sleeve Shirt

NATIONS - Unlock goggles, helmets, pants, and jerseys, each themed for China, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, South Africa, the UK, USA, Wales, Finland, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Estonia, Australia, and Spain

SPE - Unlocks Spe 2019 bike, goggles, helmet, pants, and a jersey short-sleeve shirt

DOGTORQUE - Unlocks Dogtorque 2019 Bike, Goggles, Helmet, Pants, and Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

KINGKRAUTZ - Unlock KingKrautz 2019 Bike, Goggles, Helmet, Pants, and Jersey Long Sleeve Shirt

HIGHVOLTAGE - Unlocks High Voltage Goggles, Helmet, Pants, Shorts, Jersey Long Sleeve Shirt, Jersey Short Sleeve Shirt

LOVE - Unlocks love items

SLASH - Unlock Discord Bike Items

PRIDE - Unlocks 13 different pride flags

STABLE - unlock the training set

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Descenders Mod Apk Features

1. Realistic Map: The track map you find while racing is full of many jumps, slopes, and hill bombs. Try not to fall while riding and make sure your driver is safe till the checkpoint.

2. Earn Rewards: You can earn rewards by participating in races or public championships to show off your maneuvering skills.

3. Play Online: Play online matches as a solo player and compete against other internet players to see who wins first place.

4. Unlock new rides: When you have enough resources, you can unlock customizations to your current ride with more accessories and upgrades.

5. Team up: You can also play with your friends, invite them to the game, and choose a standard color to identify your friends and enemies in the game.

6. Simple Controls: This ride has simple controls where you can save your driver from falling down on challenging slopes with the right moves.

How to Install Descenders Mod Apk

1. After downloading the app, click Install.

2. Wait for a while for the installation package to load on your device.

3. Open the game and register yourself with a new account. *You can log in with your social account and save your progress data.

4. Choose a username and start the game.

How to redeem codes in Descenders Mod APK

Step 1: From the main menu in Descenders Mod APK, click the hamburger menu in the upper right corner. (a box with three horizontal lines inside)

Step 2: Click Extras in this menu

Step 3: Click Redeem Code

Step 4: Enter your Descenders code and click Confirm

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