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Tower of Fantasy debuts at 2022 COMIC EXHIBITION, announces global launch on August 11

Tower of Fantasy debuts at 2022 COMIC EXHIBITION, announces global launch on August 11

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The MMORPG game "Tower of Fantasy" developed by Hotta Studio, a subsidiary of Perfect World, was unveiled at the 21st Comic Expo (July 28-August 1) in 2022. On the first day of exhibition, a large number of fans enthusiastically attended, and the Healing singer Deng Furu came and sang the theme song of "Tower of Fantasy" on the spot. The official said that "Tower of Fantasy" will be launched simultaneously on servers in various regions of the world on August 11, supporting cross-platform play on PC and mobile phones.

"Tower of Fantasy" has been open for pre-order since June 22. He Peilu, deputy general manager of Aiwantiandi, said: "'Tower of Fantasy' is designed as a cross-platform game, allowing players to to play game easily at theire fragmented time on mobile phones ,and to enjoy high-quality game content on PC at home. I hope to bring players an immersive gaming experience. And "Tower of Fantasy" is not only a two-dimensional game, but also combines open world, MMO, and ARPG elements, I believe it can meet the diverse preferences of young players In the seamless world of "Illusionary Tower", the awakening of the popular mimetic character "Nemises" in the Beluga Island laboratory led to the generation of a large amount of primordial energy. Through this game plot, the operation team had an idea, Plan to sponsor electricity bills to players who support "Tower of Fantasy", and hope that players in real life can also get the full charge of 'Nemises'! For more information about the event, please continue to follow closely to the official website and official fan group of 'Tower of Fantasy'. "

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Details of the on-site activities of the Expo

The COMIC Expo was began on July 28th, and until August 1st, the booth of "Tower of Fantasy" (booth number: D230-336) has activities every day.

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Healing singer Deng Furu also came to sing the theme songs "SALVATION" and "MEANT TO BE" of "Tower of Fantasy" to increase the atmosphere.

The official launch of the on-site trial activities, you can participate in the lottery after completing the task, and have the opportunity to obtain limited peripherals such as the game's popular character pillows and mouse pads. The event will continue until the game is officially launched on August 11.

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A number of well-known Coser came to the scene to help out and dressed up into popular characters in the game: Semir, Meryl, Shiloh, Cocolit, and KING, which truly restored the game characters and attracted a large number of fans to take pictures.

The "Tower of Fantasy" demo experience area also specially built a world's only "Nemesis" machine, designed and built with the characteristics of Nemesis armor and weapons, for fans to check in.

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In addition, there will be fun challenges on the stage, where fans can come to the stage to learn from each other and win generous gifts. There are also multi-player dungeon team activities, allowing the pioneers to cooperate to fight monsters and experience the charm of the "Tower of Fantasy" game.

Before the official launch of Tower of Fantasy, if you can't wait to experience the game, click here to play the BETA version of Tower of Fantasy(BETA).

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Classic reappearance! Square Enix "Fullmetal Alchemist MOBILE" is regularly launched on August 4th!

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