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Paper Trail - A Beautiful Paper-Craft Puzzler Will Launch on iOS and Android

Paper Trail - A Beautiful Paper-Craft Puzzler Will Launch on iOS and Android

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Paper Trail is a puzzle adventure game. Paper Trail is full of hand-crafted environments, gorgeous visuals, cute animations, and obviously, a fun cast of characters. And Paper Trail has been nominated for four industry awards! This article will give players a detailed introduction to the relevant content of this game. Players can first watch the gameplay trailer below to learn more about Paper Trail's cutscenes, hint system, and characters.

How to Download Paper Trail Mod APK

PlayMods will provide players with a free download of the game as soon as the game is launched on Android and prepare a hacked version of the game for players as soon as possible.

What kind of game is Paper Trail?

Paper Trail is a top-down puzzle adventure game about leaving home. The upcoming puzzler from Norwich-based developer Newfangled Games is a great-looking top-down adventure game set in a world made of paper. Paper Trail has a muted color palette and a unique visual style, but it's more than just a visual quirk, you can fold, crumple, and transform the paper world around you. In this game set in a paper world, players must fold and tear their way through a diverse, densely populated paper world. Folding mechanics enhance new gameplay opportunities as you progress. Drag objects, illuminate lights, and push boulders through paths created by folding.

Paper Trail Gameplay

Players will take on the role of Paige, a budding academic who is away from home for the first time to pursue her studies. Along the way, you'll learn to fold the world, merge sides to solve puzzles, explore new areas, and uncover long-lost secrets.

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Paper Trail release date

Paper Trail launches this year for PC and consoles and is now coming to mobile as well. The exact time is currently unknown.

What awards has Paper Trail won

Paper Trail won many awards before its release. Paper Trail has won more than 25 awards and honors to date, including "Best Family Game" at the Gamescom Awards, "Game of the Year" at Reboot Develop, "Most Innovative Award" at IndieX, and "Best Home Game" at Taipei Game Show. Mobile Games" etc.

Paper Trail Mod APK Highlights

1. A folded world: fold and connect paths to explore and progress together. Alter the fabric of the world, twist, spin, spin, twist as players try to solve puzzles.

2. Fascinating Puzzles and Interesting People: Puzzles that challenge wits and lead players through the world of Paper Trail. Across the Fold will introduce Page to a unique cast of characters who tell their own stories and inspire Page to understand the wider world.

3. Handcrafted beautiful environments: from deep dark caves that have been untouched for many years to the tallest treetops washed by rain. Explore a variety of handcrafted environments as Paige embarks on her college journey, taking in the sights and wonders along the way.

4. Fascinating art style: Experience the art of Paper Trail, which borrows heavily from graphic aesthetic styles such as printmaking and watercolor painting, mixed to create a uniquely stylized game that complements the paper theme.

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