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Minecraft Mod APK Update New Mods

Minecraft Mod APK Update New Mods

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Minecraft Mod APK v1.2 is coming soon, but before the real update, PlayMods has prepared several new popular mods for players to experience, come and see what's new!

How to download Minecraft new mods

Click the download link provided by PlayMods for players to download many mods for this game: Minecraft Mod APK

1. Chainsaw Man Addon

This addon adds Pochita and the ability to be a Chainsaw Man. With this plugin, you can have your very own Pochita which can be your pet or a very efficient tree cutter. You can find Pochita anywhere in the world. To tame a Pochita, you only need to sneakily interact with it. When you're done, you'll lose some health. Pochita will attack any creature that attacks you or that you attack.

Note: You can only tame one Pochita.

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2. Mansions And Modern Houses

Mansion's and Modern Houses is a creative map created from scratch consisting of several structures, this mod highlights a huge mansion and a modern house, all decorated. In addition to these structures, players can also observe 4 minimalist small houses, which are empty for each player. Everything is placed on a meadow with access to the sea, the buildings are connected to 2 villages and a large mine. In this map, you will get lost in the process of visiting the mansion and exploring the area.

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3. Zombiepolis - A Post-Apocalyptic City

Zombiepolis is a small city map designed to create a post-apocalyptic-like environment. This map has stunning locations and details that will make you feel more realistic than any other map you have explored. Dive into a futuristic post-apocalyptic world and get a feel for how you will survive. If you are looking for a realistic zombie apocalypse map to play mods with different kinds of zombies and weapons, you are in the right place! Download and explore our city of Zombiepolis, an amazing and beautiful post-apocalyptic world that will push your survival experience to the limit. This lightweight map is specially made for PE players to experience a better post-apocalyptic environment.

Zombiepolis maps are made for many purposes. In the apocalypse, you can play Survival, PVP, Hide and Seek, Hunger Games, etc.. In order to survive, you will survive in this post-apocalyptic island with limited resources. Without the mining function, you cannot leave the island. You have to find resources from the city to survive there. Zombiepolis map advantages are as follows.

1. Safe start area with bad start packs to survive.

2. No delay lightweight map, wide roads and light buildings.

3. Beautiful customized islands, including mountains, plains, forests and beaches.

4. Different kinds of loot, experience amazing post-apocalyptic survival.

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4. Modern Lamborghini Pack

The modern Lamborghini package contains some of the latest models produced by Lamborghini. The cars feature Lamborghini's modern Y-angle design, demonstrating the power produced by Lamborghini cars today. The Hyundai Lamborghini package contains some of the latest models produced by Lamborghini; this package includes the Terzo Millennio and its 2 color options, the Vision Gran Turismo and its 3 color options, and the Sian and Sian Roadster in a total of 5 colors. The cars feature Lamborghini's modern Y-angle design, demonstrating the power produced by Lamborghini cars today. Warning: These are Polymesh models. Polymeshes are known to cause lag, even in higher end computers. Don't generate more than three polygon mesh cars at once for your benefit. While it's especially slow on mobile, the plugin still works in Pocket Edition. If you experience severe problems, consider reducing the render distance, simulation distance, or other graphics settings in the Video tab. Not compatible with RTX.

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5. Sea-Through X-Ray

Sea-Through X-Ray is designed to improve and help you experience many elements of Minecraft, including advanced X-rays, ore outlines, and more to help you find ores, caves, and player bases! The specific packaging functions are as follows:

1. Advanced X-ray (for all dimensions)

2. Outline ore

3. Pumpkins, telescopes and burn indicators

4. Translucent rain, water, lava and snow

5. Reduce shields, totems and flames

6. Brighter and more visible tripwires

7. Temporary night vision

8. Other minor tweaks

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In addition to these newly updated mods, we have also prepared many other interesting mods for players. For specific complete mod information, players can click on the link to view:

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Search playmods for more mod games:

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