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Melon Playground Finally Update New 14.0 NOW!!! NEW THINGS HERE!

Melon Playground Finally Update New 14.0 NOW!!! NEW THINGS HERE!

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Melon Playground Mod APK has finally been updated to the latest version 14.0 today! This update has brought a lot of new content for players to experience. This article will introduce all the content of this update in detail for players! Google recommends the best melon mod tool, you can click the link to view the details: Mods for Melon Playground

Update content

This update makes tweaks and additions for players in three places.

1. This update adds 7 items.

1. Medicine

2. 4 new toys

3. Weather sounds

4. Parachute

5. Limb Connector

6. Skip tutorial

7. Water gun effect with syringe

2. This update changed 4 items.

1. Weather Textures

2. Some effects

3. Clear button

4. Panic animation

3. This update also determined 2 fixed content for players.

1. Regulator

2. Bone Healing

Is the content of this update very rich? Don't know how to download the latest Melon Playground Mod APK v14.0? Don't worry, PlayMods are ready for players.

Players can download the cracked version of this game through the download link provided by PlayMods. While enjoying the latest version, players can also enjoy a lot of cracked content provided by PlayMods: Melon Playground Mod APK v14.0

1. Unlock all items for free for players

2. No Ads

3. Provide players with many interesting modules

4. Unlock all maps for free for players

Melon Playground Mod APK v14.0 FAQ

Next, I will answer some players' frequently asked questions about Melon Mod APK v14.0.

1. How to shoot in Melon Playground?

First, prepare a gun that you want to use, then you need to make your character hold the gun. Then you can control your character to shoot.

2. How to use the rope in the Melon Playground?

Melon Playground Mod APK 14.0 has different types of ropes and you can choose one according to your wish. Then you can hang anything by tapping left and right, and you can use this rope to smash things at will by turning it left and right.

3. What is the role of the parent in Melon Playground?

The parent is a button that sticks two objects together without separating them. If you want to glue two objects together, you can select the two objects together, and then select the parent, which cannot be separated.

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