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Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod APK Launches with Collaboration Event

Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod APK Launches with Collaboration Event

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The next Age of Horror update for Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod APK includes a huge graphics upgrade, new features, new content for the Sadako Rising co-op event, and more. Click on this article now to see all about the latest update!

How to Download Latest Version of Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod APK

Click on the latest download link prepared by PlayMods for players to download the latest version of this game: Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod APK

Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod APK Update Date

Behavior Interactive and NetEase Games released the March 2023 Update for Dead by Daylight Mobile on March 15. Over 1 million users pre-registered to experience this new update, which includes better graphics, new features, and exciting content for gamers to explore in The Fog.

Latest Event for this update

Updates to the game include the Sadako Rising Collaboration event, which will run from March 15th to March 28th. The event introduces the monster spirit of the Ringu series into the game.

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Dead by Daylight Mobile introduces a relic system to the game

The mobile-exclusive Relic system in Dead by Daylight Mobile introduces mystical items such as the "Binding Knot" and "Nexterous Axe". These items can change the outcome of a game and challenge players to quickly adjust their strategies. Using these tools can have rewarding results, as acquiring Relic Fragments and enhancing Relics will unlock stunning visual features that players can show off in the game's waiting area and on their profiles.

Event Date

The event will run from March 15 to March 28.

Dead by Daylight Mobile x Sadako Rising brings new characters from the Ringu series

Dead by Daylight Mobile kicks off its re-release with an exciting crossover event featuring Sadako, the angry elf from the Ringu movies and books. Sadako is a malevolent spirit that haunts people through television screens and has the ability to murder anyone who watches her cursed VHS tape. In Dead by Daylight Mobile, Sadako is portrayed as a shrewd killer stalking survivors. She can also teleport through televisions found in the game's environment, giving her an advantage over unsuspecting victims who come within her reach and allowing her to eliminate them with ease.

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Not only Sadako, but also Yoichi Asakawa will join the Dead by Daylight mobile game as a new survivor. In the Ringu movies, Yoichi is depicted as a kid, but in this game version, he's an adult detective with an amazing killer and the ability to help wounded friends escape their attackers faster. Players can obtain exclusive crossover costumes, namely Sadako's Sleeping Blossom and Asakawa Yoichi's Paranormal Investigator, during a specific period of the collaboration called "Sadako Rising". Sleeping Flower's Platinum Edition is particularly unique, as it comes with the remarkable Memento Mori animation, which allows Sadako to eliminate survivors in different ways.

Dead by Daylight Mobile brings limited-time events with March 2023 update

Dead by Daylight Mobile offers players multiple reasons to return to the game, including several limited-time events currently in preparation. By completing tasks and overcoming challenges in these campaigns, players can earn exclusive rewards such as The Onry Portrait and its accompanying frame. Players have the opportunity to earn in-game items by inviting their friends to join them in Cursed Tape events. As a reward for participating in the event, each player will receive a Sadako Crossover Torso to use on their journey through The Fog.

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