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26 November 2022 Qatar World Cup News

26 November 2022 Qatar World Cup News

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After the exciting competition on the green field from November 25th to November 26th, the four group matches of Group A and Group B of the World Cup have all ended. Among them, Iran defeated Wales 2-0, and host Qatar lost to Senegal 1-3. The last two group matches ended in a draw, with the Netherlands drawing 1:1 with Ecuador and England drawing 0:0 with the United States.

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Let's focus on these four games to see the events and wonderful moments on the field.

Welsh goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey (No. 1) received his first red card of the World Cup in the Iran-Wales game. Throughout the game, Iran and Wales entered a stalemate in the first half, with neither side able to score. But in the 98th minute, Iran's Joe Allen made a clearance and Cheshmi shot the ball into the bottom right corner from 25 yards. In the 101st minute, Taremi broke through the cross after stealing, and Rezayan shot into the net from the penalty area. These two goals made the final 2:0.

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Compared with the opening game, the Qatar team's state has recovered, but the players are still plagued by nervousness. The central defender Hou Xi made a fatal mistake shortly before the end of the first half. He fell with the ball in his penalty area. Senegal striker Dia took the opportunity to score. Only 3 minutes into the opening of the second half, Didcio used a corner kick to score a header and Senegal led 2:0. The Qatar team finally scored the first goal of the World Cup in team history in the 78th minute. Montari took a header from the bottom line from the right and pulled back a goal. But the hope of the host team was quickly extinguished, Dieng scored a goal on the counterattack, and the Senegal team completely killed the suspense of the game.

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In the Group B match, England and the United States played an extremely dull 0-0. Except for the American team captain Pulisic hitting the post once, the two teams basically did not have a decent attack.

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In a match in which they won the first place to advance to the top 16 of the Qatar World Cup, the Netherlands and Ecuador failed to decide the outcome, leaving the suspense of qualifying in Group A to the final round with a score of 1:1. The Dutch team shot only 2 times, while the Ecuador team as many as 14 times. The Dutch team was lucky to get one point. After the game, both teams reached 4 points. Senegal in the same group defeated the host Qatar team and scored three points that day. In this way, the Qatar team in Group A has been determined to be out, and the remaining three teams still have hope of promotion.

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November 26-November 27 Schedule

Group D second round Tunisia vs Australia

The Tunisian national football team is nicknamed the "Carthage Eagle". FIFA ranks 30th. It is a relatively representative football team in Africa. It ranks very high in Africa. In 2004, the team won the African Cup of Nations. In the first round of Group D of this World Cup, Tunisia played against Denmark and ended 0-0.

The Australian football team is ranked 39th in FIFA, and won the first Asian Cup championship in team history in the Asian Cup in 2015. France beat Australia 4-1 in the first round of Group D of the World Cup.

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Group C second round Poland VS Saudi Arabia

The Polish national football team is known as the Polish Iron Army. Its FIFA ranking is 26 and the team is worth 256 million euros. Poland drew 0-0 with Mexico in their first match in Group C.

The Saudi Arabian national football team is currently ranked 51st in FIFA, and the team is worth only 25 million euros. In the first game of this group, Saudi Arabia defeated the Argentina 2:1. After this campaign, Saudi Arabia is the only team in the current group to win, with a 3-point record at the top of the group. Before the game, the least favored team defeated Argentina, which can be said to amaze fans all over the world. If Saudi Arabia can win this game, the team may even have a chance to advance. However, Saudi Arabia's victory inevitably has a trace of luck in it, and the actual result depends on the team's on-the-spot performance.

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Group D second round France vs Denmark

The French national football team is one of the most successful men's national football teams in the world, and the first national team in the world to win the "All Men's National Team Championship". It is also the world championship of 2018 world cup. Its FIFA ranking is 4th. France beat Australia 4-1 in the group stage of the World Cup.

The Danish national football team is known as the Red Dynamite. The team lineup is also good. The core players are young and have rich experience. It is one of the traditional strong teams in Europe and the banner of Nordic football. It has won many honors with its outstanding record. Its FIFA ranking is 10. They drew 0-0 with Tunisia in the first round of Group C of the World Cup.

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Group C second round Argentina vs Mexico

Argentina's national football team is a world-renowned football powerhouse with legendary stars like Messi. Its FIFA ranking is third. In this World Cup match, its first game was unfavorable and lost to Saudi Arabia 2:1.

The Mexican national football team is ranked 12th in FIFA, and the team is worth 176 million yuan. They drew 0-0 with Poland in the first round of Group C of this World Cup.

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Playmods will update daily matches during the World Cup:

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