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Tips & Tricks to Become A Pro in Stumble Guys Mod Apk - Strategy Guide

Tips & Tricks to Become A Pro in Stumble Guys Mod Apk - Strategy Guide

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Stumble Guys is a mobile game very similar to Fall Guys. Since its inception, Fall Guys has been creating shockwaves in the gaming community, with its simple but very fun multiplayer gameplay, and a wide variety of maps to keep every round of the game fresh. As with any game that becomes very popular, similar games will inevitably start appearing, and Stumble Guys is one of the most popular variants. Like the game it's inspired by, Stumble Guys offer a variety of mini-games, to be the last remaining player at the end of the match. Achieving this, however, is easier said than done, as you have to compete against a group of players whose sole purpose is to make you lose and win for yourself. Luckily, we've got some great Stumble Guys tips and tricks for you to help you win.

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1. Understand the Level

Stumble Guys Mod Apk has many levels and each level is played differently. Therefore, knowing the distance of each level in advance has a certain advantage for the game. Every time you play a level, you should pay attention to what works and what doesn't during your run. Remember that you should have a slight edge as the levels are gradually unlocked. Knowing what you are doing is half the battle.

Top 100 Tips & Tricks in Stumble Guys | Ultimate Guide to Become a Pro

2. Double Tap to Slide

Pressing the jump button while you're in the air will put you in a slippery state. On some levels, this is a super useful tool - it smashes blocks and lets you pass under obstacles. Learn when to use swipe and you'll start doing better.

For example, in the level of the big slide, double-click sliding will easily pass the level. First of all, you need to double-click to slide at the starting point. In this way, you can go straight through the middle section of the waterway.

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When you swipe to the other end, double-tap immediately for a second swipe. This will allow you to quickly pass the previous section of the road.

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As players can see, this big slide is very twisty. Then we can control the passage of the character in a straight line by double-clicking the track that does not need to pass slowly. Just like the picture below, double-click the slide at the turn of each slide, and you can directly reach the opposite side instead of going slowly through the slide.

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Remember not to touch the whirlpool where the maelstrom is, so you can reach the end faster than other players.

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3. Use Falls Skillfully

In maps where the goal is to get there as quickly as possible, you usually want to avoid falling into the void, as this will cause you to waste valuable time respawning and then trying to catch up to the team. However, in some very special cases the fall may not be as bad as usual, especially if you are entering the pit with the wrong momentum or trajectory, and fixing it takes more time than simply jumping into the Void and being reborn.

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Take Honey Drop, a survival map with a twist: Players are set in a multi-level arena with floor tiles shaped like honeycombs. The twist here is that every time the player steps on a tile, it turns red and disappears after a second. In this sense, the idea is to always keep moving and avoid falling into the bottom layer as much as possible, because there will be a point where when there is no level left, the player will fall directly into the void and be eliminated immediately. While you can just focus on surviving, there are some strategies you can use to improve your odds of winning. For example, you can pre-emptively land on a tile another player is jumping towards, activating its countdown and potentially dropping your opponent to a lower level prematurely. However, this strategy also carries considerable risks, especially since you may end up losing rather than your competitors.

If you survived with all the other players down, it might be a good idea to consider following them. The reason for this is that since you can't move your camera to see the player below you, it's hard to see the full picture of the arena. In this sense, if you end up falling, you may just fall through an open hole and fall straight into the void. To avoid this, you can jump off with a lot of floor tiles left and go head-to-head with your opponent in an attempt to survive to the end.

4. Use Obstacles

Stumble Guys Mod Apk has two main types of movement: running and sliding. However, there is a third and secret way to pass a level, which you can achieve by using obstacles to advance yourself. For example, in maps like Spin Go-Round, there are lots of spinning hazards and spinning logs. If you position yourself correctly in front of these obstacles, you can let them push you forward, helping you traverse great distances at a time. The same applies to any other level with such obstacles. A fairly short obstacle course consisting mostly of rotating obstacles and platforms. Like all the others we've mentioned so far, the idea is to get there before other players. However, one of the main differences here is that timing is more important than usual, especially since one wrong move could result in you getting a rubber log or hammer and sending you flying back or into the void.

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This map combines a moving floor with rotating obstacles, which makes it more complicated to navigate through it carefully, as you'll be struggling on all the tiles even if you're not moving and waiting in the right direction. However, the hardest part of this stage is getting started, as the rubber hammer will cost you a lot of time. Meanwhile, the middle and final sections include jumping over spinning logs and moving floating platforms, which have their levels of difficulty but usually come down to taking your time and lining up the jumps correctly. This map can be summed up in the phrase "take your time". As long as you plan your jumps carefully, you'll succeed - always remember that it's better to spend some time lining up your jumps than to fall over and have to wait until you respawn.

Playmods provides players with more game strategies:

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