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The Walking Dead Season One Mod Apk Easter Eggs

The Walking Dead Season One Mod Apk Easter Eggs

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The Walking Dead Season One is a story adventure game. This game is a horror survival game adapted from a comic book and an American TV series. The game plot is irreversible. Each chapter will have an impact on subsequent chapters, which also increases the gameplay of the game and increases the playability of the game. Arranging the plot direction according to personal preferences is a very attractive highlight. The game has won over 90 Game of the Year awards. As featured in TegraZone, The Walking Dead consists of five chapters. Players will take on the role of criminal Lee Everett, who has been given a second chance at life. As the number of zombies continues to increase, survivors will stop at nothing to keep themselves safe. Protecting an orphaned girl named Clementine might lead to his redemption in a hellish world.

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10 Easter eggs in The Walking Dead Season One Mod Apk

1. In the first episode of the first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead, when Lee is sitting in a police car on the way to prison, the cops drive by talking about a criminal he took to the prison wearing glasses who killed his wife. This is actually a reference to serial killer Thomas Richards in the comics.

2. In The Walking Dead Saints And Sinners there is a place called Memorial Lane, that area is a big house, and upstairs in one of the rooms is the Commonwealth Armor.

3. The Harrisons: Near the end of the game, you'll arrive at Palmetto Manor, where you'll meet Mr. Harrison. He and his wife are looking for their two daughters, Amy and Andrea. It's a cool reference to a character from the show.

4. Whisperer Mask: There is a house in the Saints and Sinners' Fort area in The Walking Dead, a car crashed into it, and a Whisperer mask is on the wall inside the house.

5. Disco Broccoli: In the final edition of Telltale's The Walking Dead Disco Broccoli was added as an Easter egg every season He appeared in a drawer in Clementine's house in Season 1 He appeared in a box in the first episode of Season 2 and he appears in the season 3 Junkyard bus.

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6. Tutorial Guy: In The Walking Dead Saints And Sinners, you play a tutorial at the beginning of the game to get you used to the game's controls, and at the end of the tutorial you meet the Tutorial Guy who asks you if you want to leave the tutorial. If you shoot him, another Tutorial Guy will spawn, and if you keep shooting him, eventually you'll get a message saying "TUTORIAL GUY WILL REMEMBER THIS" This is a reference to the Telltale game, because when you make important decisions, you'll get a message like "Clementine will remember"

7. Sorry Brother - At the start of The Walking Dead's Survival Instinct game, you play as Will Dixon (Darryl Dixon's father) You are surrounded by walkers and killed when Daryl's uncle Jesse Pit will escape When he's in pain he says "sorry bro" This might sound familiar because in The Walking Dead season 2, when Dale dies, Daryl puts him out of his pain, but before Daryl shoots Dale, he says "sorry, brother"

8. Duck-pocalypse - In Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 3, Duck's character is bitten later in the episode and you convince his father Kenny to stop the train. However, if you don't talk to Kenny during this scene, he will throw you off the train. Lee (your character) then returns to the area where the train ducks are. But when you return, you find Clementine's hat covered in blood and Ben lying dead on the ground. You won't see Duck walking towards Lee as Walker. Duckby grabs Lee and they both fall off the train. You than end the game and respawn at the last checkpoint.

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9. Javier's Death Scene - In Telltale's The Walking Dead season 3, A New Frontier, you play as Javier Garcia. At the end of the game, if you and Clementine go after Gabe and David, you kill the walkers to try and save them, but if you don't hit the right button in time, Javier will be killed, but before he dies he tells Gabe tries and saves Kate. Javier dies, your game ends, then respawns at the last checkpoint. You might say how is this an easter egg? The reason is that the way Javier's death scene is done is like a real death, it looks like a secret ending because you don't die immediately, and Javier and Gabe share some last words. BTW, this is non-canon. That means it's not one of the game's endings, it's just the game over.

10. Ericson Boarding School - In a locker in the Rampart (The Highschool) area of The Walking Dead Saints And Sinners, you can find the Ericson Boarding School booklet, which was featured in Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 4 The Final Season main location.

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