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Muse Dash Mod APK Free Download

Muse Dash Mod APK Free Download

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Muse Dash is an anime-themed rhythm game. This game offers many songs. Players have to smash bullets instead of angry monsters. The experience gained by completing songs can be upgraded, and new songs can be obtained by upgrading. However, players must also earn random rewards to unlock the costumes of the three heroines, as well as elf pets that provide additional buffs. In this game, players rush through 40 levels, taking out enemies, dodging obstacles, and collecting points while trying to survive until the end of the level.

Muse Dash Mod APK Download

PlayMods not only unlocks all the songs of this game for free for players, players can also have a never-fail experience: Muse Dash Mod APK

How to play Muse Dash Mod APK

The basic gameplay of Muse Dash is fairly simple. Your characters run continuously while you control them using the two buttons or keys. One takes you to the ground and attacks, while the other lets the character jump and perform air strikes. Most of the time you just use them to attack enemies or dodge obstacles. Sometimes you may need to hold down one, press both buttons at the same time, or press both buttons in rapid repetition against certain enemies. Encountering obstacles or enemies will deplete the health bar. The number of enemies and obstacles that appear depends on the difficulty mode.

There are three difficulty modes. Easy, Hard and Master. Not all stages have Master difficulty, but those that do need to be unlocked by first earning an S rank in that stage's Hardmode. I found the difficulty levels to be quite different, each a big leap from the previous. I suggest the difficulty level is for casual rhythm game players, as even the highest difficulty level is easy to pass and fairly difficult, but not impossible for decent players to get high ranks. A bonus shot of my first attempt at Master difficulty can be found here. It didn't go well.

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When your character is running, two circles are always displayed in front of them. These can help you target enemies more accurately. Hitting an enemy with enough accuracy earns full points for that enemy. Rankings are awarded at the end of a level based on your accuracy, combos, and other factors. I was surprised to find out that S-rank can only be obtained with a high percentage of perfect marks. At one point I completely beat a level with an 85% perfect rate and a 15% big hit rate, only to get an A grade. Although not explained in-game, it appears that 90% or more of enemies need to be cleared with a perfect S rank, regardless of other factors of the score.

Muse Dash Mod APK Features

The graphics are nice, bright, and high-quality for this type of game. The sound quality is good throughout, as expected from a rhythm game. The characters are voiced in Japanese, and while there aren't many lines, the voice acting is good.

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