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Motor Tour Mod APK Unlock All Vehicles Download

Motor Tour Mod APK Unlock All Vehicles Download

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Motor Tour is a racing game. Players can drive various motorcycles through a large number of scenes in various kinds of weather. This is a great game for playing solo or competing against other players from around the world. This game is the motorcycle version of Traffic Tour Mod APK, although Motor Tour has better technical specifications. Thankfully, you can set the graphics to run smoothly on almost any smartphone.

How to Download Motor Tour Mod APK

PlayMods has prepared a cracked version of this game for players: Motor Tour Mod APK

Mod Menu

1. Unlimited money (you need to close the menu when using it, otherwise you cannot upgrade)

2. Unlock all vehicles

How to Play Motor Tour Mod APK

More than 100 missions await you in Motor Tour's main mode, though one of the best aspects of the game is its wide selection of game modes: time trial, infinite, free drive, multiplayer and more. There are also daily events where you can win new motorcycles as you play. As for gameplay, you can choose one of three settings: tap virtual buttons, tilt your smartphone, or use a virtual steering wheel. You can also decide if you want your motorcycle to accelerate automatically.

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Tips for newbies

In endless mode, you can unlock new motorcycles by collecting blueprints. Then through the multiplayer mode, you can change, upgrade and unlock vehicles by trading blueprints with other players. This flexible buying and selling mechanism adds drama to an already great game. The process of unlocking and leveling up also keeps you constantly aware of improving your skills, competing in as many races as possible, and earning more money. Money is everything. So don't miss the cracked version that PlayMods provides for players!

The second tip I want to give you is about the "money flowing like water" situation. There are always times and situations somewhere in the game that can help you make a lot of money. Pay attention to these points, because then you can unlock and upgrade motors faster. These special situations include difficult handling stages such as sharp turns, overtaking other traffic vehicles on the road at speeds of more than 100 km/h, driving on the highway at night, driving in the wrong direction, and accelerating with Nitros at the right time.

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