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Introduction to the Character of the Tower of Fantasy, Nemesis and How to Obtain Her

Introduction to the Character of the Tower of Fantasy, Nemesis and How to Obtain Her

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Nemesis is the humanoid robot of the human girl Sally. Many Tower of Fantasy Mod Apk's fans want to get this beautiful and fragile body-transformated loli. And after the major update of Tower of Fantasy on August 11, there must be many non-Tower of Fantasy players who want to join the game because of being attracted by her. So without further ado, hurry up and take advantage of the summer vacation as soon as possible to get and experience the operation of Nemesis.

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In order to get rid of the control of the suppressor and Hygard, the sons of Ada launched the "Pardoning Angel Project", which is to carry out a certain degree of mechanical transformation on the individual, so as to obtain the characteristic of resisting the original energy radiation. In order to save her sister Sally, who was infected by the original energy radiation, Xia Zuo did not hesitate to cooperate with the son of Ada to transform Sally into Nemesis.

Nemesis is the newest Primarch of the Angels of Pardon, a unique being among the Angels of Pardon. The red "living metal" merged with Sally's body, but due to the resistance of Sally's remaining consciousness, the transformation was not fully completed. Periodic implants were required to reduce the rejection of the living metal invasion. What is the transformation for Sally? Is the rescue or just a ruthless and cruel experiment? No one knows. However, the transformed Nemesis is very different from the once energetic girl Sally. She has become extremely timid, cognitively deficient, and after being frightened her can erupt with amazing combat power and destructive power.

Only the head of Nemesis still retains the appearance of a human, and the main body of the body is black and gray, but it is gradually being covered by red living metal. She has the number Type 5 on her left leg, symbolizing her status as the fifth pardoning Angel Primarch.

Nemesis also has the following cute points:

Birthday is May 23, a typical Gemini, the dual personality of the past and the present fits Nemesis's personal setting very well

She carries a bear doll with her, a gift from her deceased parents.

Occasionally she paints some scenes in memories, which shows that Sally's soul still affects her from time to time

And her left eye is a prosthetic eye with various nerve agents and implanted nerve electrodes built into it. Usually the prosthetic eye is in a dormant state and will be activated during battle. Various medicines and electrodes will stimulate the nerves to make Nemesis enter the combat state, and the superimposed binocular vision provides it with a sharper vision.

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Nemesis' exclusive weapon, the Venus

The Venus is an SSR-class mine attribute long-range weapon, positioned as an auxiliary type, suitable for use as a healing weapon. Weapon upgrades will increase the three attributes of attack, life, and crit, so the output can also be enhanced. Venus's defense is B-level, and its recharge is A-level, but this is only the ability of Venus when it's not advanced. When the Venus reaches 6 stars, the charge will be upgraded to S rank.

As a mine-attribute weapon, Venus has the exclusive effect of "Thunder and Lightning Resonance" - equipped with more than 2 mine-attribute weapons to trigger it to improve lightning attack and resistance. The background output and background charging are one of the biggest features of Venus.

Like other weapons, the Venus also has four attack types: normal attack, dodge, skill, and link.

How to get Nemesis

The way to get Nemesis is simple and direct:

1.Open the Tower of Fantasy, enter the game, click the main menu in the upper right corner, and then click the special option.

2. Then click order 10 times in the lower right corner to have a chance to get the Nemesis character.

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More details are in app: playmods

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