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How to Download Tag After School Game Mod APK

How to Download Tag After School Game Mod APK

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Tag After School Game APK is an exciting Android game. This game takes the classic childhood tag game to new heights! Compete against friends or strangers and unlock characters, power-ups and levels as you defeat your opponents. With endless customization options in this virtual playground, anything is possible!

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How to Download Tag After School Game Mod APK

PlayMods has prepared the download link of this game for players, click on the link to download it for free: Tag After School Game Mod APK

Tag After School Game Mod APK Background Story

Tag After School Game Mod APK is based on Shota-kun's story, so the direction of the story will depend on the choices and decisions you make. Shota-kun, like everyone else, has to figure out life on and off campus. As scared as he is, he will have to make choices that could change his life. So, as a player, it's your job to make sure he makes the right choices himself.

Tag After School Game Mod APK Highlights

1. The controls of the game are also very easy to use. Players can choose between different options with the help of simple buttons on the screen.

2. In the game, there is a very interesting chain of events that can go in different directions. When the game starts, the player can choose from several options. Results may vary if you choose one option over another. So, ultimately, if two players make different choices while playing, they end up in different situations.

3. Even though this is not a fighting game, you still need to avoid some enemies. Most of the time, they hide in the dark, so you have to be careful not to get caught. You can also fall into many dangerous traps. For example, a woman with a red mask might appear while you're playing, and if you get too close to her, you'll die.

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Tag After School Game Mod APK Key Features

1. Free download

2. No registration is required

3. High-quality performance

4. The interface is easy to use

5. No ads

Tag After School Game APK FAQ

1. Is Tag After school a horror simulator?

Tag After School is a Japanese high school horror-mystery game where players experience terrifying adventure gameplay. Taking on the role of Shota-Kun in the game, players will control him to avoid scary and deadly ghosts and find his way around the school.

2. Can I play Tag After school in offline mode?

Players will find a variety of fun game modes in Tag After school, including single player missions, time attack and online battles.

3. How to play Tag After school on Android and PC?

Touch the screen and move your finger, Shota will move to your finger's position and follow your finger. Or you can press the arrow keys on the keyboard to control him to go forward, backward, turn left or right.

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