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How to Download Only Up Mod Apk on Mobile Android

How to Download Only Up Mod Apk on Mobile Android

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Only Up is a sky parkour game. There is no going back! Only up! Exploring a mysterious unknown world, you have to climb as high as possible, and the most interesting things start above the clouds... How fast can you pass the level? PlayMods brings players an infinite jump version of the game.

How to Download Only Up Mod Apk

Click on the link to download the infinite jump version of the game: Only Up Mod Apk Download

Only Up Background Story

You are Jackie, a teen from the ghetto who wants to escape poverty and embark on a journey to understand the world and himself. The world must have gone crazy, and while it's never been normal, maybe now is your chance. A crisis is a time for action and decisive steps...only it's scary because every step can set you back a lot. Sometimes it is hard to choose the right path, but fear not, you can always repeat, we learn from our mistakes. Jackie has to understand that in order to get to a new place, you have to jump first and get off the ground, not knowing what the future holds. A samurai has no goal, only one path, and stoicism, patience, and cunning will help you reach the top, but you never know what awaits there. forward? "Only up!

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Only Up Features

1. This game is inspired by the fairy tale "Jack and the Beanstalk" and is similar to a platformer. You have to travel the same mythical path as Jack to achieve more than climbing to the top.

2. Ability to slow down time and change the speed of the character to focus as much as possible when taking a big step or jump.

3. The game also contains hundreds of Easter eggs and various references.

4. The average time to complete the game is 40 - 120 minutes, or even infinity!

5. To get to the top, you need to move beyond fear and irritability, calm down, and slowly but surely toward your goal

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*NOTE: There is no in-game progress saving - the fact is that each subsequent level increases the in-game stakes, the higher you climb, the more painful the fall! But whoever has not fallen has not risen!

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