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How to Download Metal Slug Awakening Mod Apk on Android

How to Download Metal Slug Awakening Mod Apk on Android

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Metal Slug Awakening is a newly developed side-scrolling action shooting mobile game authorized by SNK and drawing on the essence of legendary arcade masterpieces. The visual effects of the game have been upgraded, while paying tribute to the retro roots, it introduces a fresh and charming art style, bringing wonderful visual presentation and rich content, including a large number of weapons, diverse battlefields and various super vehicles. This article will teach players how to download the game.

How to Download Metal Slug Awakening Mod Apk

The game just came out on iOS and Android, and we're working on cracking the game as well. We will prepare the mod version of this game for players as soon as we successfully crack the game. Now players can click on the link to download the game: Metal Slug Awakening Apk Download

Metal Slug Awakening Highlights

1. The game truly restores multiple iconic maps of the IP, including nostalgic pyramids, deserts, mines, and more.

2. In addition to the classic elements, "Metal Slug: Awakening" also incorporates exciting new features, such as world exploration, three-person team mode, Roguelike gameplay, etc., allowing players to accept anytime, anywhere with anyone Boss challenge!

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Metal Slug Awakening Features

1. The new "Metal Slug: Awakening" officially authorized by SNK brings back exciting game levels, iconic characters, powerful bosses and super vehicles. Not to mention the remake of multiple nostalgic elements, such as Fat Marco, Mummy... Despite these thrilling upgrades, the true essence of the Metal Slug IP is still carefully preserved!

2. The game has unique gameplay and challenges, offering an exciting side-scrolling adventure from the beginning to the completion of each mission! From desert mines, secret labs, Southend rainforest or beyond... there are tons of adventures waiting to be explored!

3. Improve your handling and skills with a variety of vehicles, from massive aerial rides to groundbreaking tanks and SV camels. Fly in the sky, dig underground, and attack flexibly. Personalize your combat abilities with these super vehicles and defeat any powerful boss!

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4. Unleash character-specific ultimate skills, wield unique advanced weapons and upgrade your arsenal for epic boss battles! In addition to iconic characters and super vehicles, the game also has a variety of classic weapons such as H, L, and I gun series, as well as flame guns, blizzard guns, smashing boxing guns, etc. Personalize your best weapons and sweep the battlefield with unstoppable firepower!

5. Rescue the iconic Hyakutaro who generously gives mysterious gifts and gold coins from time to time, or the very active fat Marco, and discover multiple surprises... Be vigilant during the level journey, because there is always a surprise hidden in every Easter egg! Relive the fun and excitement of the arcade era as you rediscover all the iconic features that made Metal Slug a legendary classic.

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