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How to Download Car Zone Online Mod Apk on Android

How to Download Car Zone Online Mod Apk on Android

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Drive Zone Online is an open world online driving game with great graphics. In Drive Zone Online, you can move freely on the map and choose the tasks you want to complete.

How to Download Car Zone Online Mod Apk

Click on the link to download the game: Car Zone Online Mod Apk Download

Car Zone Online Mod Apk Highlights

1. Kilometer speed

2. Unlimited car drift points

3. Set Drift

4. Jump speed

5. Set the car lever

6. Massive task completion + static speed

7. Remove unstable ads

How to Play Car Zone Online

At first, the race can be a bit unfair, as you might end up driving slower than your opponent. However, as you race, you'll level up and unlock new vehicles that you can use to win. Up to six different players can participate in online matches. The starting position for each match is randomly assigned.

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Features of Car Zone Online

1. The cars in the game are designed according to the real model. That said, the names and badges of the cars have changed, although each model is easily identifiable because it is identical to the real car.

2. In addition to online matches, you can also play single player mode. In it you can also tweak and modify all your vehicles to your liking.

3. The detailed car interior allows you to play in the first person and feel the impressive feeling.

4. Gameplay has no boundaries. Earn money to buy new cars not only by participating in races, but also by performing stunts and earning drift points, or sell your cars and skins to other players in the market like a real auction.

5. The driving school will teach you how to drive a car with dignity, and allow you to test drive many cars, and you will get special prizes after passing.

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Car Zone Online Game Modes

1. Drift mode - you and other players will compete for the highest drift point

2. Racing Mode - The first person to cross the finish line wins and avoids serious accidents

3. Skill Test Mode - Insane ski jumping race around karts

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