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FIFA World Cup News November 28, 2022

FIFA World Cup News November 28, 2022

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Summary of Current Matches

The World Cup group stage matches continued. The first game was Japan vs. Costa Rica. In the first game, Japan won all three points against Germany. I thought that the Japanese team would advance to advance by defeating Costa Rica in this game, but this game also broke out. Big upset, the Japanese team lost the game 0:1. The Group E match between Japan and Costa Rica was staged at the Rayyan Ali Stadium. After reversing the German team 2-1 in the first game, the Japanese team has high hopes-the five major landmarks in Japan, Tokyo Tower, Kyoto Tower, Sapporo TV Tower, Nagoya TV Tower, and Fukuoka Tower, light up at the same time to support the team. But the Japanese team failed to live up to expectations. In the 81st minute of the game, Costa Rica made a steal in the frontcourt. Fuller made a beautiful lob shot after getting the ball. Shuichi Gonda made a full save, but still could not prevent the ball from entering the net. This goal is also Costa Rica's first shot on goal in this tournament. In the end, the Japanese team lost 0-1 to Costa Rica, and they both scored 3 points after two games. Before the game against Costa Rica, the Japanese team was favored. According to Xinhua News Agency, coach Mori Baoichi said at the pre-match press conference on the 26th that he will do his best to continue to win. Although the Japanese team reversed the German team in the first round, and the Costa Rica team lost 0:7 to the Spanish team, Mori Baoichi still believes that the Costa Rica team is a strong opponent. "I am very proud of the victory against the German team, but the victory against the German team does not guarantee the victory against the Costa Rica team. The Costa Rica team has many players with strong physical ability and is also very good in the organization. The big loss to the Spanish team in the first game means that It means that they will fight us. We must be mentally prepared for this, but we must first do our own thing."

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Group E of the World Cup group stage ushered in the focus battle, Spain vs Germany. Phil Kruger equalized for Germany after Spain's Morata came off the bench. In a focus match of the second round of the Qatar World Cup group stage on the 27th, the German team shook hands with the Spanish team 1:1. In the first round of the group stage, the German team was reversed by the Japanese team 2:1, and the Spanish team beat Costa Rica 7:0. Before the game, the Costa Rica team defeated the Japanese team 1-0 and scored three points. Therefore, in terms of the group qualifying situation, the German team is under tremendous pressure to advance. The Spanish team had most of the possession in the first half, and both sides had many chances to score. In the seventh minute, the Spanish team cooperated with the frontcourt pass and cut. Olmo took a shot from the front of the penalty area. After the German goalkeeper, Neuer made a save, the ball hit the crossbar and popped out. In the 40th minute, the German team got a chance to set the ball on the front court. After Kimmich kicked the ball, Rudiger scored with a header, but the goal was disallowed due to offside. Spain broke the deadlock in the second half. In the 54th minute, Morata replaced Ferran Torres, and only 8 minutes later, Morata scored the ball after receiving a pass from Alba in the penalty area. In the 83rd minute, German center Phil Kruger, who came off the bench, scored in the penalty area to equalize the score. Although it avoided two consecutive defeats in the group stage, the situation of the German team with only one point in the group stage is still not optimistic. After the two rounds, the Spanish team scored 4 points with one win and one tie, Japan and Costa Rica each scored 3 points, and the German team was last in the group with 1 point. In the third round, the Spanish team will face the Japanese team, and the German team will face the Costa Rica team.

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Losing to Morocco 0-2, Belgium broke a series of records. Before this game, Belgium had never lost against an African country in a World Cup (3 wins, 1 draw), and all of those games took place on the group stage. Now, their unbeaten record against African teams has been broken. The third place in the last World Cup, Belgium, beat Canada 1-0 in the first round of the group stage, but coach Martinez was not satisfied with the team's performance. Judging from this game, the Belgian team still seems to be in poor condition. Facing the strict defense of the Moroccan team, the Belgian team seemed a little powerless on the offensive end. In the first half, there was almost no decent goal. On the contrary, the Moroccan team played several threatening attacks. In stoppage time in the first half, Ziyech scored a free kick, but the referee judged that the offensive player was offside first through the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) replay, and the goal was invalid. The core De Bruyne took 2 shots in the first game, 1 shot on target, and failed to score. Before this, Belgium had won eight World Cup group matches, tying Brazil's record. The winning streak in the World Cup group stage was created by Brazil. They did it twice in 1986-1994 and 2002-2010. Facing the unfavorable situation of being behind, Martinez replaced the team's main player Lukaku who missed the first round due to injury in the 81st minute, but their desperate onslaught not only failed to pay off but gave the opponent more opportunities to counterattack. In the 92nd minute, the Moroccan team launched a fast break with a long pass from the backcourt. Liberal received a pass from his teammate in the penalty area and then pushed and scored the goal, completely ending the suspense of the game. When the final whistle sounded, the Atumama Stadium was overwhelmed by the cheers of Moroccan fans. Excited Moroccan players held their national flags and gathered on the sidelines, enjoying the warm congratulations from the supporters. For the Belgian team, this defeat has exposed their aging core lineup and relatively weak defense. If they want to go further, they must make timely adjustments in the next game and get back to their status as soon as possible. In the third round of Group F, the Belgian team will face the powerful Croatia team, and the Morocco team will face the Canadian team.

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In the second round of Group F of the 2022 World Cup group stage, Croatia reversed Canada 4-1 and won the first group stage victory. At only 1 minute and 07 seconds into the opening, Alfonso Davis scored the first goal of the World Cup in Canada with a header, which is also the fastest goal in this World Cup so far. Kramaric made a double strike, Livaya scored a go-ahead goal, and Mayer added the icing on the cake. Croatia and Morocco share 4 points, and Canada has lost two games in a row, becoming the second team to be out of the group after the host Qatar.

In the first round, Croatia and Morocco scored a goalless draw, and Canada lost 0:1 to Belgium. Davis missed a penalty in the game. This is the fifth World Cup final match in the history of the Canadian team, which has not scored in the previous four games. Buchanan took the ball from the right, and Davis jumped high to head the ball in. This is the fastest goal so far in this World Cup. The lagging Croatian team did not panic and continued to use passes to tear through the opponent's defense. In the 36th minute, Perisic made a wonderful pass from the left, and Kramaric shot through the net with his left foot. Eight minutes later, Juranovic dribbled the ball at high speed and sent an assist. Ligaya, who had played for Inter Milan, scored a low shot near the penalty area line. Changing sides to fight again, both teams created several good scoring opportunities. In the 70th minute, Kramaric received a pass from Perisic, dunked the opponent's defender, and then shot to make another victory. In stoppage time, Mayer, who came off the bench, sealed the victory for the team. After two rounds, Croatia and Morocco are tied with 4 points, Belgium is third in the group with 3 points; Canada is at the bottom with 0 points and has missed the group stage.

Below are the results of today's matches.

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Tomorrow's Schedule

The World Cup in Qatar will usher in the ninth match-day competition, and will also draw an end to the second round of the group stage. Neymar's injured Brazil will go on to win a back-to-back win in four games in Groups G and H, while Cristiano Ronaldo will lead Portugal against Uruguay, who knocked them out of the last World Cup.

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Serbia vs Cameroon

The two teams that lost in the first round of the group stage had no way out. The Cameroon team's first game was still lacking in fighting spirit under the supervision of the country's Samuel Eto'o. It is undoubtedly the least promising African team in this World Cup. The Serbian team was physically exhausted and technically knocked down by the fight with Brazil. Even the coach Stojkovic also said that the loss was due to their too much respect for their opponents and underestimation of themselves. It is doubtful whether the Serbian team, which consumes more and has less rest time, can recover its physical fitness. What the Cameroon team needs to improve is their fighting spirit. After all, this team has been interfered with by too many off-court factors such as bonuses in the past. If they can't let go of distracting thoughts, they may suffer a big defeat against the Serbia team with a strong will to win.

South Korea vs Ghana

In the first-round draw with Uruguay, the aggressive South Korean team was impressive. The biggest tactical variable is whether they have enough physical strength to continue to adopt oppressive tactics. In contrast, the Ghanaian team, although ranked at the bottom of the top 32 in the world, but it's an agile style of play and determination in counterattacks that have been fully revealed in the first match. It's still a tit-for-tat game. Sun Xingmin played as a "mask man" in the first game. Being closely marked by his opponents, he failed to create too many opportunities for his teammates, and at the same time, he played with his hands tied. And Ghanaian striker Andre Ayew was very aggressive on and off the field in the loss to the Portuguese team. I believe that the captain, who is not convinced by the loss, will hold back his strength to prove himself and serve the team. Get out for the last chance.

Brazil vs Switzerland

Both teams won the first game of the group stage, so this game is likely to be a key battle to determine the group ranking. The comfortable Brazil team used two different offensive combinations to defeat the Serbian team. The fly in the ointment was that Neymar was injured and left the field, and then announced that he would miss the game against the Swiss team. Manchester United winger Anthony, who was active on the bench, also came out. Unwell news. However, this is not a "disaster" for the Brazilians. The team just has more opportunities to practice other tactical routines of its ultra-luxury offensive line. The Swiss team is an opponent that no tycoon in the World Cup wants to meet. After winning the first game at the lowest cost, they may continue to focus on not conceding or losing in this game. After all, the last round of the game against Serbia is their life-and-death battle to qualify.

Portugal vs Uruguay

Four years ago in Russia, Cristiano Ronaldo ushered in his best World Cup but was besieged by Uruguay in the 1/8 finals, and the team was eliminated. Now he found a good opportunity for revenge in the group stage. It was difficult to win the first game against Ghana. The Portuguese team's running-in degree is better than last year's European Championship. However, whether Cristiano Ronaldo, who consumed a lot of energy in the last game, can continue to shine under the consumption of Uruguay may be the decisive factor in the victory of the game. Negative key. Uruguay also faced the same problem. They were at a loss when they were robbed by South Korea. The main lineup of the two-time World Cup champion is relatively old. Another disadvantage is that the opponent has 3 points, while he only has 1 point. If he is not careful, he will fall into the abyss of elimination. It is not an easy decision for Alonso whether he dares to remove Suarez who did nothing in the first round.

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