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FIFA Soccer Mobile Mod Apk Guide: All the Basic Info You Need to Know To Get a Good Start

FIFA Soccer Mobile Mod Apk Guide: All the Basic Info You Need to Know To Get a Good Start

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The latest FIFA Soccer has been played passionately in Qatar, are you also cheering for your favorite team? So this time Playmods brings you a brand new strategy for FIFA Soccer Mobile Mod Apk. The brand new FIFA Soccer Mobile Mod Apk is finally available for everyone to download and play. This time, the game gives players a brand new sprint opportunity: League Mode and Game Mode. For some players who have played, this is good news. Because a fresh start always has a chance of success. However, for new players trying the game for the first time, not knowing what to do and how to play can be confusing. This guide is for the latter players because next, you will find a lot of basic information and tips about FIFA Soccer Mobile Mod Apk that will help you get a good start in this football simulation game.

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Kick-off Challenge

While some games will let you jump straight into the game with next to no knowledge, it's possible to do a good job with the basics, and this is done through the kick-off mode. This section contains various challenges and tutorial scenarios designed to teach you the basic controls and how to dribble, pass and shoot to achieve victory. While they don't show you the flow of the actual game, they will give you the knowledge. Not to mention that the kick-off challenge is also a great source of rewards that can help improve team quality. All in all, it's a great start.

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Basic Game Controls

During the game, your players can pass the ball, play in the middle or cross, and shoot in various ways to organize the team game and score goals. You don't have much influence over how the player acts, although they will always try to do what you ask of them. Of course, their success will always vary based on several factors, including their stats - and sometimes, asking too much of a player with poor stats can lead to them missing passes or shots, or being completely blocked by opposing defenders.

FIFA Soccer Mobile Mod Apk has dedicated buttons for all actions that change dynamically depending on the context. For example, you'll have buttons to defend and tackle if you're defending. Meanwhile, if you're on offense, the same buttons change to pass, shot, and sprint. Alternatively, FIFA Soccer also allows you to control most offenses with gestures, by swiping or tapping on the screen. For example, when you're ready to shoot, you can swipe toward an enemy's target instead of tapping a button, letting your player shoot in the desired trajectory. Additionally, you can tap on teammates to pass the ball to them, or you can tap in front of them for a cross or through the ball and your players will automatically determine the best option for the situation.

Team and Formation

First and foremost, the most important stat to give you an idea of your team's strength is the overall rating, which appears front and center on the main menu screen and in caps in the "My Team" menu. A higher overall rating usually means your team is better, as this number represents the average of all players' overall rating stats. The higher this stat is compared to the opposing team, the better your chances of scoring. Of course, another important aspect of winning games is the players you bring onto the pitch. But in other words, even if you know how to play, if your team stats are low, you may find it difficult to shoot, pass and defend properly.

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Your formation, while less important, can also make a big difference when playing against certain teams. We say it's not that important, not because it's actually unimportant, but because most alternate formations unlock progressively as you play the game, so you don't need to worry too much about it at first. However, depending on the enemy's formation, you can adjust your formation to neutralize their strengths or exploit your weaknesses. Remember to keep player strengths in mind as well, as changing formation affects your team as much as the enemy.

Training Players

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The best and most direct way to improve your team's overall rating, at least initially, is to buy new players and replace weak players in your formation. However, this can be very expensive, as the best player cards can cost a lot of currency. Luckily, while you can get some good cards at the start by completing kick-off challenges, there is another way to slightly improve your OVR by training your players: through the My Team menu, your players can be clicked to train them. The way you do this is by actually sacrificing other player cards in the same position to generate XP which will help boost your player. Every time a player levels up, their stats increase, enhancing their abilities. Eventually, their OVR will also increase, increasing your chances of winning.

Hope this guide is useful to you, Playmods will continue to update more game guides for players:

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