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Fastest Ways to Find Diamonds in Minecraft Mod Apk

Fastest Ways to Find Diamonds in Minecraft Mod Apk

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Game Introduction

Minecraft Mod Apk is a 3D first-person sandbox game. Players can freely create and destroy different types of blocks in three-dimensional space and use their imagination to build and explore a world that is exclusive to the player. The style of the game is unique, with the main building block mosaic style. In the game, players can destroy or create blocks to create exquisite buildings and art in single or multiplayer mode, or explore the map by collecting items to complete the main quest of the game, and experience God-like works through their own creations. Feel. In-game diamonds are rare ore obtained from diamond ore, deep diamond ore, or loot chests, and can be used to craft armor, tools, and enchantment tables, among other things. So what are the ways to get diamonds? Next, I will list several ways to obtain diamonds.

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Prerequisites for Getting Diamonds in Minecraft Mod Apk

It is a good idea to dig up the surrounding blocks before mining the diamond, this will ensure that the diamond will not fall into the lava. (Because the generation conditions of diamond and lava are similar) Diamond can only be broken with an iron pickaxe/diamond pickaxe/nephrite pickaxe, otherwise, it will not drop.

1. Mining diamonds

One of the most classic ways to obtain diamonds is to mine diamonds through mining. Of course, there are other faster and easier ways, but let's start with the most classic way to get diamonds. Diamonds are most easily mined when mined to level 12.

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* Precautions for mining diamond

After you find a diamond mine/lode, you need to mine it to get diamonds. But before you start digging, make sure the area is safe. When you find a diamond mine in a cave, first illuminate or block every dark corner in the vicinity. This will ensure that you will not be attacked by monsters while mining. Next, excavate all the blocks connected to the load, exposing the entire lode to ensure that the mined diamonds don't fall into the lava. If you find lava in the process, find a way to fill it up or douse the source with a bucket to form obsidian.

Diamond ore will drop 1 diamond when mined with an iron, diamond, or nephrite pickaxe. Mining with a Fortune-enchanted pickaxe increases the number of diamonds possible by 1 per level, with Fortune III dropping a maximum of 4 diamonds. If diamond ore is harvested with a Pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch, it will drop diamond ore instead of the diamond. Diamond ore usually generates at level 16 or lower, but is most common at levels 5-12.

2. Nether Fortress

Next, we're going to look for diamonds in the nether fortress. Find the fortress closest to you. Has a 19.0% chance of being found in nether fortress chests. Strongholds are generally divided into two parts: a slightly outer and a slightly inner part. We're going to look for diamonds on the inner side. Because there is a treasure chest with diamonds where there is magma inside.

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3. Shipwreck

Before using the third method to find diamonds you have to make yourself a boat and find the sea. Finding diamonds in shipwrecks is one of the easiest and fastest ways to find diamonds. Players can find diamonds in treasure chests in the ship's cabin and in the captain's room. Diamonds have a 14.1% chance of appearing in a single group of 1 in shipwreck chests.

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*The best way to find a wreck is to sail at sea, because the vision is the best when sailing at sea, and if you dive, the light is very dark, which is not conducive to seeing the wreck.

4. Buried Chest

When players are looking for treasure chests, some treasure chests are often buried. Players can find these buried treasure chests by digging. 53.1% chance to be found in buried treasure chests in groups of 1–2 alone.

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5. Strongholds Chests & Temples & Village Blacksmiths & End Cities & Mineshafts

They can be obtained in cave exploration, mining, and in desert temples, dungeons, jungle temples, blacksmiths, fortresses, and nether fortresses. These are places where diamonds may also be found naturally. It has a 7.4% chance of being found in a stronghold altar chest, a 9.9% chance in a village toolsmith's chest, and a 16.2% chance in a village weaponsmith's chest. There is a 12.9% chance of being found in jungle temple chests, and a 6.3% chance in desert temple chests, both in groups of 1–3. As well as a 21.2% chance of being found in end city chests in groups of 2–7 alone.

In Bedrock Edition, it has a 46.9% chance of being found in a single group of 1 in buried treasure chests, a 7.2% chance in stronghold altar chests, and a 12.8% chance in the jungle Temple chests come in separate groups of 1–3. Diamonds can also be found in village toolboxes. If you're really desperate to find as many diamonds as possible, my advice is to mine, the deeper you dig, the more diamonds you'll find in Minecraft Mod Apk.

More practical game guides can be found in Playmods:

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