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Dungeon Squad Mod Apk v0.92.2 Free Download & Guide

Dungeon Squad Mod Apk v0.92.2 Free Download & Guide

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Game Introduction

Recently, Dungeon Squad Mod Apk, a tower defense game developed by South Korean game company GameCoaster, which adopts a buyout model, has been on the top 1 paid list in many countries, among which Japan has dominated the list for 15 consecutive days since its launch. This game is a tower defense game with Rogue elements. The game sells for 4.99 dollars. It is understood that the developer GameCoaster developed a dungeon-building game Dungeon Maker Mod Apk in 2018 and won the 2018 Google Independent Game Festival TOP10, and this new work is the sequel to Dungeon Maker Mod Apk.

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Free Download

Dungeon Squad Mod Apk v0.92.2 (Menu Mod)

Dungeon Squad - Android Gameplay

Cracked Contents

1. All characters are available

2. All skins are available

3. All items in the store are available

4. Increase gold coins (click into the game to take effect)

5. Add hero soul (click into the game to take effect)

6. Speed up the gam

Game Features

Players will play the role of demons and brave warriors, and the characters in the game are mainly sexy witches. This image of a monster girl who combines the aesthetic parts of other species with humans is a setting that is popular among some users in Japan. Moreover, the game adopts a pixel style with abstract concepts, and the abstraction is associated with players. So under the blessing of the pixel art style, the image of the witch appears even more charming.

Game Guide

1. The core gameplay of Dungeon Squad Mod Apk is to place the witch. Players need to hold and slide to control the witch's shooting. With the use of props in the game to unlock, up to 5 witches can be placed. When the bullets are exhausted, it will enter a period of filling the gap.

2. Before the game starts, players will select the initial female demon as the first unit to start the game. Each female demon has different characteristics, including group and single damage, throwing, shooting, active skills, and passive skills. Skills also have their characteristics. Each level is carried out in units of days, and the growth route is divided into two parts: internal and external.

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3. In the game, players can obtain various resources to improve their combat power. For example, the main resource magic stone can be used to upgrade the demon to choose new skills, increase the health of the stronghold or add a guard position. The prisoners of the same character captured in battle can be used to strengthen the character's skills, and those who are not of the same character can be replaced or directly sacrificed to obtain attributes. In addition to character skills, there are also enhancements brought by randomly dropped equipment, and the equipment can also be fused into more powerful equipment.

4. For the out-of-game, players can use the out-of-game resources obtained in the game to permanently enhance the effect. One is the unlocking of the technology system. The technology system can unlock more functions for players: open the enhancement interface, increase the storage capacity, increase the gold coin drop, etc.

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