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Drive Ahead Fun Car Battles MOD APK Download & Guide

Drive Ahead Fun Car Battles MOD APK Download & Guide

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Drive Ahead Fun Car Battles MOD APK is a fun simulation game. In this game, you drive a car to perform stunts and score points by hitting your opponent's head. Collect over 300 stylized cars and put your foot on the metal pedal to navigate an increasingly dangerous battlefield. We have buggies, monster trucks, tanks, motorcycle stunt cars, and more. Some of the rides are out of this world like a ghost pirate ship, electric reindeer or a mini T-Rex with real guns... Buckle up and build your car battle team however you want. Team up with friends. Level up to face other teams and scary bosses. We guarantee this game is a must-have game for crazy time with friends.

Game Download

Players can download this game through the link provided by Playmods: Drive Ahead Mod Apk v3.17.0 (Mod menu)

Mod Information

1. Gold screws can be used directly

2. No Ads

3. Game acceleration

The game has four game modes, namely Battle, Classic, Mission, and King of the Hill. Then let me give you a detailed introduction to the specific information of these four modes.

Classic Mode

Classic mode is the only mode available for both 1P (single-player) and 2P (two-player). Classic is a 1v1 match between one player and another player or CPU (Computer Programming Unit). Once selected, you can choose your vehicle/helmet, and then you can choose a map. The left side of the screen is blue and the right side is red. Once ready, one player must hit the other player in the head to score a point. The first to fifth points are the winners. When a short period of time passes without anyone hitting the opponent's head, a 5-second countdown will begin, and once it's over, Sudden Death will begin. Sudden death races are when an obstacle (which varies by map) slowly covers the entire map until one driver remains.

* Classic mode is the only mode that can be played without wifi.

Battle Mode

Battle mode is like classic mode, but you have to form a team with 3 cars. When you start a game, you compete against another real player. Instead of one hit, you need to hit them on the head until the health bar goes to 0. You need to score 3 points to be the winner. It will reward you with 50 tokens and a trophy when you win. But if you lose, you only get 10 tokens, and your trophy will only decrease if your vehicle is not level 1.

Mission Mode

Mission mode provides players with specific challenges to complete under certain conditions, which will be rewarded with gold coins upon completion. Mission mode is the only mode that does not allow the player to view the vehicle selection screen regardless of the mission.

King of the Hill Mode

King of the Hill acts similarly to Survival Mode, where the player must defeat as many opponents as possible before being defeated. Opponents are generated after a certain period of time, and there are up to three opponents on the field at a time. Sudden death matches happen faster in King of the Hill, but may be delayed when the opponent is defeated.

More game guides can be found in Playmods:

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