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Detention Mod Apk All Endings

Detention Mod Apk All Endings

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Detention is a horror game produced by Red Candle Games. The heroine needs to start looking for the truth that makes her suffer according to her cultural environment and personal situation. Homecoming has gained a lot of attention for its realistic and very scary subject matter captured in a surreal way. Visceral depictions of hurt, love, loss, depression, nationalism, fascism, patriotism, freedom, and jealousy swirl in a rocking composition of visually depressing imagery fused with poetically told crescendo tragedy. Taoism, Buddhism, and Chinese mythology, the game draws on Taiwanese local cultural elements to tell a unique and terrifying story.

In this atmospheric 2D side-scrolling horror game, players guide the main character in classic point-and-click fashion as they explore an evil-infested high school. While dodging rampaging monsters, you'll find items in otherworldly rooms to interact with. As more mysteries are unraveled, the cursed school's dark past finally comes to light.

Free Download

This game requires money to be purchased on some platforms, but in PlayMods users can download this game for free, and can play the content that can only be unlocked by money for free: Detention Mod Apk (Unlocked paid content)


In Taiwan during the white terror period under martial law in the 1960s, Fang Ruixin, a senior high school girl, lived in a happy and warm family. She is also doing well in school and has won some awards. Loved by other students and teachers. Unfortunately, her family was torn apart by her civil servant father. After Fang Ruixin's father was taken away by the police, Fang Ruixin became a problem student. After she became a problem student, the school arranged for teacher Chang Minghui to be her counselor, and they fell in love. After a movie date, Mr. Hong gave Fang Ruixin a white jade deer pendant as a souvenir. For a teacher studying abroad, falling in love with a student is not a big deal. But this was unacceptable for a very conservative society at the time. After a series of incidents that broke Fang Ruixin's mind, she couldn't bear it anymore and jumped off the roof. But those who commit suicide cannot pass through the Styx reincarnation. Only an earthly spirit can relive that terrible memory. What's more, after experiencing too many catastrophes, she had a mental breakdown and lost her memory. The game is to help Ray recover his memory, be honest about what he did, let go of his grief, and reincarnate.

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Good Ending

After many years, Wei Zhongting came to the school again after being released from prison due to amnesty. The game's credits follow Wei Zhongting as he reflects on how their lives at the school fell apart causing him to lose a lot during his incarceration. Fang Ruixin accepts what she has done and takes responsibility for ruining other people's lives, as Wei Zhongting sits at a table in an abandoned school reflecting on the past, and across from him is Fang Ruixin's ghost, remorseful and full of sadness. The two looked at each other and smiled, reminiscing.

Bad Ending

By choosing not to accept Fang Ruixin's fate and choosing to evade responsibility, Fang Ruixin will have a very different outcome: she hangs herself out of shame, and will no longer atone for her sins in the afterlife. Her soul is cursed and continues her cycle of misery and pain.

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