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Dead Cells Mod APK Free Download & Guide

Dead Cells Mod APK Free Download & Guide

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Dead Cells is a roguevania action game from Motion Twin. Players will play as a failed alchemy experiment, explore the sprawling ever-changing castle, and find out what happened on this gloomy island! This game requires players to master the skills of using various weapons and various crazy skills. PlayMods has also prepared a free download of this game for players, come and experience it!

How to Free Download Dead Cells Mod APK

Click the download link that PlayMods prepared for players to get this game for free: Dead Cells Mod APK

Cracked content

1. God Mode

2. High damage

3. Unlimited Money

4. Infinite cells

Dead Cells Mod APK Guide

1. The blood bar after being attacked is not deducted at once, but has a slow decline process. When the blood does not drop, every time the enemy is attacked, a little blood will be restored (it will be more disadvantageous to use long-range weapons, and the return will be slow), which is similar to the blood source operation;

2. Weapons with ammunition (bows and arrows, throwing knives) will be stuck on the enemy after attacking them, and will come back after killing the enemy;

3. Falling from a high place will not cause damage, but it will cause dizziness for a certain period of time, and if it is hit by an elevator, it will cause a lot of damage;

4. When in the air, press [Down+Jump], it will make a smashing attack; not only will there be no falling stun, but it will also cause damage;

5. The skills in the game are very powerful. Reasonable use of arrow towers, grenades and other items will help to clear monsters quickly.

6. Since the game will not clear your weapon upgrade record, you can die a few more times in the early stage to save your soul and upgrade your equipment.

7. Do not use shields as auxiliary weapons in the later stage, many monsters can have the effect of breaking the defense, which is basically useless.

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Dead Cells Mod APK Features

1. Roguevania: Progressive exploration of an interconnected world, with the replayability of Rogue-lite and the adrenaline-pumping threat of permadeath

2. Insane and dynamic 2D action: Learn your enemy's patterns to stay alive

3. Non-linear progression: Each death unlocks a new level, choose the path that suits your current build, playstyle or mood

4. Play at your own pace: explore every nook and cranny of the castle or rush to the end

5. Free custom mode: change the running style according to your preferences

6. Backpack added: store extra weapons

Update content

1. 1 new biome - Abandoned Brewery

2. 9 new enemies - fat zombies, dancers, saboteurs, etc.

3. 9 new weapons and items - Crowbar, Hattori Katana, Barrel Launcher, etc.

4. 8 New Mutations - Porcupak, Ranger Gear, Barb Tip and more

5. New clothing

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