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All endings in Evil Nun Mod Apk The Broken Mask

All endings in Evil Nun Mod Apk The Broken Mask

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Game Introduction

EVIL NUN Mod Apk is a first-person escape room game. The player is locked in the school by an evil nun, finds her mask before being caught by the nun, and leaves as soon as possible. The setting of the game screen scene is relatively dark, and the player will complete the entire game in a super dark environment. A series of puzzles with a certain degree of difficulty must have various endings depending on campus, and there are various endings depending on the process. This article will tell players who haven't played all the endings what all the endings are like. If you want to know every detail about it, you can watch the video below.

All 7 endings in Evil Nun Mod Apk The Broken Mask


1. This nun can hear any movement, so be careful not to attract her attention or create a movement to startle her.

2. Hide to avoid detection.

3. Solve puzzles to find a way to escape the school.

4. Players can use a variety of different routes to escape and can also use various props to ensure their own safety.

5. Some door-opening props have other uses. For example, the hammer is used to knock open the planks on the third floor to build bridges, and the pliers are used toff the power supply of the electric fan, so as to get the escape props. During the escape, some props can be combined into weapons.

If you haven't found a way to download the cracked version, you can read the article below to download it.

EVIL NUN Mod Apk Download

All Endings of the Game

1. You are caught by the nun and knocked unconscious. When you open your eyes, you find yourself lying in a pit, and the nun is smiling and slowly burying you alive.

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2. You are caught by the nun and knocked out. When you open your eyes, you find that the nun is holding a mask, and the nun will put the mask on for you. Next, you'll be locked up in the laundry room by the nuns.

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3. You are caught by the nun and knocked out. When he woke up, he found himself being taken to the roof by the nuns. Then the nun will hit you off the roof with a weapon and make you fall off the roof.

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4. In this ending, the player successfully escaped from the nun's house. You got the key to the gate, and although the gate's alarm was triggered, you didn't escape. You glance back as you run away and see the nun standing at the gate watching you leave.

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5. This ending is very similar to the previous one, you get the door key, but the door alarm isn't triggered. You escaped without a hitch, you glanced back while you were running away, and the nun was standing at the door watching you leave.

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6. In this ending, you need to clear the box in the trunk of the van and go to trigger the alarm. After the alarm sounds, you need to hide in the box and wait for the car to drive away.

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7. The ending is so funny that you jumped onto a wall with a shot and smashed the nun with the board. You humiliate the nun and then come to the gate and wait for a van to come, you jump on the van and escape.

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