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Ziik - The Social Intranet
Ziik - The Social

Ziik - The Social Intranet Mod Apk v2.0.32 | score
App Name: Ziik - The Social Intranet
Version: 2.0.32
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Ziik - The Social
Ziik - The Social
Ziik - The Social
Ziik - The Social
Ziik - The Social
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The description of Ziik - The Social Intranet

Reinventing the intranet, Ziik is the all-in-one internal communication and information sharing platform for better employee engagement.

- Not another IT project - Get started today
- No training needed - Unlimited support included
- No startup costs - Cancel any time

With Ziik all you need is in one place, not all over the place. Ziik replaces legacy systems and communication chaos with the all-in-one social intranet software.

“You know how people say, ‘Google it’? In our office we say ‘Ziik it.’” - Ali, Subway

1. Ziik is a great fit for any company
Small companies and large organisations use Ziik because it is a plug-and-play, user-friendly, and an instantly valuable internal communications platform.

The platform to boost employee engagement.

- Easy communication: 1-to-1 and group chats
- Easy information sharing: keep all information in one place and share company updates with selected or all employees in a few clicks. Push notifications ensure that you will never miss an update.
- Ziik is Top-Down and Bottom-Up: send messages from HQ and down to the entire organisation in a few clicks.
- Integrations with your favourite solutions: Ziik integrates easily with the tools and solutions you already use. Connect your favourites directly from our App Directory, set up a quick link, or make your own integration using our API.

2. Improved employee satisfaction and productivity
Informed employees are happy employees. Ziik helps employees perform their jobs faster and with more confidence by making sure that the right information is available when and where they need it.

3. Peace of mind for the employer
Get your own intranet with your own branding. See statistics about how your employees use the platform. Rest assured that your data is safe.

4. Packed with features that do it all
- Chat: Everyone can share updates and messages with relevant colleagues in groups or one-on-one.
- Groups: Engage teams, make project management simpler and check activities in real-time. Your team stays focused when everyone gets the message at the same time.
- Manuals: Keep your employee manual, guidelines and checklists centrally stored, and easy to update and share.
- Documents: It's easy to create folders, upload and share documents with relevant employees.
- Newsposts: Make company-wide announcements, share news with selected teams or individuals and track engagement.
- Quicklinks: If you already rely on other solutions for payroll, bookings or anything else, it's easy to add your favourite tools to Ziik.
- FAQ: Collect the most frequently asked questions in an FAQ, where everyone can find the answers.
- Contacts: Access contact details of co-workers or suppliers at the touch of a finger.
- Activities: Keep tabs on everything from upcoming marketing activities, sign-ups for the office summer party or the agenda for the next staff meeting.

Learn more or say hi at:

——Uploaded by the user
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Ziik - The Social Intranet 2.0.32 Update
Thanks for updating the app!

- Some Event notifications cannot be marked as read
- Loading of groups are slow
- Typing indicators for chat

- Default avatar for users and groups in feed without uploaded avatar

We’re improving the experience in every release, so stay tuned to get the best value of our mobile app :-)
We love feedback! Send yours to [email protected]
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Additional Information

Publisher:  Chainintra ApS
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  25/11/2022
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Creation time: 08/10/2022
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