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OneStep Digital PT
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OneStep Digital PT
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OneStep Digital PT_playmods.net
OneStep Digital PT_playmods.net
OneStep Digital PT_playmods.net
OneStep Digital PT_playmods.net
OneStep Digital PT_playmods.net
OneStep Digital PT_playmods.net
The description of OneStep Digital PT

OneStep - physical therapy as it should be.

OneStep is an app-based physical therapy service that puts a licensed physical therapist by your side and a motion analysis lab in your pocket. We're here to help you move your body with health, with freedom and with confidence.

We know that you rely on your body and when your body breaks down it’s more than just pain and inconvenience. It’s a significant barrier to having a life you love. We also know that you have the potential to heal and that with the right guidance and motivation, you’ll get there. That’s where OneStep comes in.

The only digital physical therapy platform with proven results in all areas of physical recovery:
* Hip and knee replacement - accelerate your recovery, improve your outcomes, prepare for surgery and even avoid it altogether.
* Neurological rehabilitation - Recovering from a stroke, spine injury, or other condition? Improve your balance, coordination, and alignment from the comfort of your home.
* Chronic pain or limited mobility - Reduce pain and improve range of motion within weeks, even years after the injury.

Why OneStep for physical therapy?
* See the results of your efforts, with OneStep's exclusive smartphone motion lab.
* Get professional support, from dedicated licensed physical therapists with big hearts.
* Recover from anywhere, with a personalized recovery plan that easily fits your day-to-day.

Some quick OneStep stats:
* 9 in 10 members consider OneStep to be essential to their recovery.
* 72% complete their full course of care, with industry-high adherence and compliance.
* 93% successfully achieve their therapy goals and report reduced pain, increased mobility and better quality of life.

Start your 14-day free trial now
* Then starting at $35 / month. No hidden costs and cheaper than your copay.
* HSA / FSA cards accepted.
* Start now, cancel anytime, no strings attached.

Get started with 5 easy steps:
1. Download the app and get your walk evaluation in 30 seconds
2. Meet your personal physical therapist
3. Start recovering with a personalized daily exercise plan
4. Get feedback in real-time
5. Watch yourself improve

We value your privacy
OneStep prides itself on its commitment to patient privacy. We use the highest encryption and privacy standards to ensure that your data is and will always be safe and private. OneStep is HIPAA compliant.

Want to learn more? Check out our FAQs

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Privacy and Terms

OneStep Digital PT 3.13.4.e3f1974ac Update
Take up to 45 minutes walks!
Additional Information
Category: Health & Fitness
Publisher:OneStep Digital Physical Therapy
Requirements:Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date: 07/05/2022
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