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Learn Chinese - CHIease
Learn Chinese - CHIease_playmods.net
Learn Chinese - CHIease
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Learn Chinese - CHIease_playmods.net
Learn Chinese - CHIease_playmods.net
Learn Chinese - CHIease_playmods.net
Learn Chinese - CHIease_playmods.net
Learn Chinese - CHIease_playmods.net
Learn Chinese - CHIease_playmods.net
Learn Chinese - CHIease_playmods.net
The description of Learn Chinese - CHIease

Why do you learn Chinese?
"Chinese economic growth is at a rapid rate, and you can find a better job if know Chinese."
"The Chinese language sound very nice, and the Chinese characters are beautiful."
"I would like to read the Chinese version of Romance of the Three Kingdom."
"When people know that I can speak Chinese, they will think I am fabulous."
Preparing for career development? Like Chinese culture? The demand for tourism or communication?
Whatever your "goals" are, learn Chinese with CHIease!

CHIease is an innovative and efficient Chinese learning software with dynamic courses that help you master Chinese easily and speak fluent Chinese anytime anywhere!

Oral Chinese courses:
Introductory Chinese for absolute beginners, contains Pinyin, basic vocabulary, core vocabulary, high-frequency vocabulary, and basic conversation, and so on.
It covers the basic aspects of communication and selects more than 500 kinds of vocabulary most commonly used in daily life, covering personal information, diet, health, hobbies, living environment, etc. These are the most useful contents to suit the needs of beginners by combining with daily scenarios to help learners understand how to apply these words to achieve authentic daily communication. Practicality is superb!

Spoken Workplace Chinese language courses:
*The course gives learners maximum freedom to follow their rhythm and learn whenever and wherever they want, without entanglement, let you easily fall in love with the Chinese *The automatic adaptive learning system, combined with your actual workplace needs, makes it easier and faster to find "knowledge points" that can be used immediately after learning, giving you the most practical and high-quality workplace Chinese language learning, helping you to master the workplace.

Live-streaming Courses:
What does a real Live-streaming Chinese class look like? What are the differences in teaching styles for different types of courses?CHIease, with its rich learning content and flexible teaching pattern You can enjoy real-time immersive Chinese learning without leaving home.
Course features.
*The advanced video filming method is used to conduct online classes in a live mode, allowing teachers and students to interact with each other in real-time. making the live-streaming Chinese courses the most effective. We also support course playback!

Fundamental Chinese language video course.
Standard pronunciation, flexible learning time, diverse and close to life course elements, the combination of lecture and practice, comprehensive improvement of daily oral communication skills. Exclusive online consultation, real-time guidance, and attention to students' learning progress.
Workplace Chinese language video course.
Workplace practical video courses help students learn more valuable vocational skills and increase their ability to solve actual problems, with strong practicality.

CHIease Advanced Learning Courses:
Advanced learning, suitable for students with some basic Chinese, includes work system, work schedule, workplace life, and other content, like basic communication, shopping, restaurants, banks, hospitals, and other scenarios. In addition, there are also classical dialogue and vocabulary from classic Chinese movies, which are closely related to work and life and help learners to understand Chinese culture better!

Chinese language proficiency in the workplace is the core competency for success in your career, and is a prerequisite for "High-quality Skilled Personnel".
Come and learn Chinese with CHIease to achieve your goals.

CHIease User Agreement and Privacy Note:https://www.5ideachinese.com/privacy.html

twitter :https://twitter.com/5ideaChinese

Learn Chinese - CHIease 2.20.2 Update
1. Add a daily sentence;
2. New online class registration function;
3. Revision of study records;
4. Optimize the live broadcast function.
5. Fix some bugs
Additional Information
Category: Education
Requirements:Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date: 30/04/2022
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