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German For Kids And Beginners
German For Kids And

German For Kids And Beginners Mod Apk v1.7 | score
App Name: German For Kids And Beginners
Version: 1.7
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German For Kids And
German For Kids And
German For Kids And
German For Kids And
German For Kids And
German For Kids And
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The description of German For Kids And Beginners
Learn German from scratch
German is one of the most popular languages in the world. It is widely used in daily life and work everywhere. This German language learning app is a great tool for you and your kids to learn German in an easy and most intuitive way. With thousands of words that are illustrated with beautiful pictures and with standard pronunciation, your kids will have a lot of fun in learning German.

Lots of useful educational games
We have integrated a lot of mini games into our German language learning app to make your learning process easy, fun and effective. All these mini games are suitable and completely safe for children. You can guide your kids to learn German with games such as: word games, spelling, sound and picture matching, shuffled word, etc.

German sentences and phrases
Besides vocabulary, daily communication sentences will help you to be confident when communicating in German. The sentences and phrases in the app are presented in both English and German (with German pronunciation) making it easy for learners to practice.

Our German language learning courses are suitable not only for children but also for adults who are just starting to learn German.

Main features of German for kids and beginners:
★ Learn German alphabet with the interesting games.
★ Learn German words through pictures with 60+ topics.
★ Leaderboards: motivated you to complete the lessons.
★ Stickers Collection: hundreds of funny stickers are waiting for you to collect.
★ Learn German Daily Sentences: the most commonly used German sentences.
★ Learn Math: simple counting and calculations for kids.

German vocabulary topics in the app:
Alphabet, Number, Color, Animal, Appliances, Bathroom, Body parts, Camping, Children's Bedroom, Christmas, Cleaning Supplies, Clothes and Accessories, Containers, Days of week, Drinks, Easter, Emotions, Family, Flags, Flowers, Food, Fruits, Graduation, Party, Halloween, Health, Insects, Kitchen, Gardening, Landform, Living Room, Medicine, Months, Musical Instruments, Nature, Occupations, Office Supplies, Places, Plants, School, Sea Animals, Shapes, Shops, Special Events, Sport, Technology, Tools & Equipment, Toys, Transport, Vegetables, Herbs, Verbs, Weather, Winter, Fairy Tales, Solar System, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Daily Routines, Landmarks, Parts of Horse, Healthy Breakfast, Summer Time, Collective and partitive nouns, etc.

Our content and functionality are always updated and improved by us to make you and your child happy. We wish you a lot of progress in using our German language learning app.
——Uploaded by the user
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German For Kids And Beginners 1.7 Update
Thank you for using "German For Kids And Beginners".
This release includes bug fixes and performance improvements.
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Additional Information

Category: Education
Publisher:  Miracle FunBox
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  23/05/2022

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Creation time: 08/10/2022
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