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Biyah Apk v1.57 | score
App Name: Biyah
Version: 1.57
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The description of Biyah
Biyah- A reliable matrimonial App for all

With more than 5 lakh success stories, has been connecting people from different places. As an emerging leader in the matchmaking category, Biyah has redefined the boundaries by introducing a new and simple approach. Try out this Best matrimonial app in Pakistan

With, a top Pakistani matrimony website, people can easily find an ideal life partner with a few clicks away. Now it is convenient and easier to find a perfect life partner. We don’t just let you browse through different profiles but also assist you in getting connected with different people.

Most people consider Biyah, the best matrimony app, as the perfect way to tie a knot with someone. Down the app, signup now, and get ready to start your journey to find a perfect life partner.

Why Choose Biyah for matrimonial profiles?

-One of the primary reasons for using Biyah is that the app is free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything if you are using the basic features of the app.
-Enjoy a whole-new messaging experience. The app has a new multimedia messaging feature.
-Record your voice and send that as a message while chatting.
-With this free matrimony app, you can share your video story.
-Create a solid impression.
-Chat or make voice calls to your matches and keep talking as long as you want.
-Chat on the go using the app, anywhere and anytime
-100 percent verified profile, and we give maximum importance to your privacy
-Trusted by more than 4 million Pakistani grooms and brides

Some exciting features

-Hide your phone number and Address
-Privacy in your hand
-Multimedia Messaging
-Meet & Assist
-Add your Stories
-Boost Your Profile
-Screenshot Proof

Biyah Plus version

-To enjoy a better experience, the users upgrade to our Biyah Plus at affordable prices. This will give them access to some additional benefits. Some exciting features of Biyah Plus are:
-No annoying advertisements
-Private profile
-You will get featured
-You can use the advanced search filter to find a partner within the city or town
-For one month, you will have to pay just USD 6.99. You can go for a 3-month and 6-month subscription by paying USD 19.99 and USD 39.99, respectively.

We maintain 100 percent privacy

At Biyah, a leading matrimonial platform, we believe that the privacy and confidentiality of our users are very crucial. For this, we have added some security features to protect your confidentiality. We have some advanced tools that will enable you to set your privacy levels to those profiles that you are comfortable with.

-Profile format is designed in such a way that people will not be able to identify you unless you want.
-While we will ask for some basic information, like gender, location, caste, etc., adding photographs is optional.
-To protect your confidentiality, you can keep your profile invisible to all.
-Besides, you can set your profile to visible only by registered users who pass the desired filters.
-You can also hide your photographs or make them visible to the selected members.

Simplifying the process of finding a perfect life partner
With thousands of new and verified profile registration every day, Biyah, the best free matrimony app, has redefined the process of finding and meeting people across the world.
Biyah has helped many people find their perfect life partners as well as perfect families. As the best matrimonial platform, we believe that marriage is not just about two persons but also about two families.

Now, download this app, create your profile for free and get a step closer to your life partner.
For a daily dose of love and relationship titbits:
- Like us on at Facebook
- Follow us on at Instagram
- Follow us on at Twitter
——Uploaded by the user
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Biyah 1.57 Update
Bug fixes.
Performance Improvements.
Policy and Terms Links updated.
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Additional Information

Category: Social
Publisher:  Maxed Spark Technology
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  25/11/2022
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Creation time: 08/10/2022
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